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Hog Hill 30th May 2015

There was some good racing at Hog Hill on Saturday.

More photos can be found on our FB page HERE

Joe Kiely started the ball rolling with a second in the U12 race, just pipped in the sprint to the line.

In the U14 boys, Jamie Dene, Ollie Stockwell and Sam Asker all rode well near the front of the race throughout, keeping the pace high, but it came down to a sprint up the hill on the last lap, with Jamie taking second, Sam fourth and Ollie close behind.

In the U14 girls, Lauren Higham and Imogen Chastell were in a 4 girl lead group. One girl got away towards the end leaving Lauren and Imogen to take second and fourth respectively on the sprint for the line.

In the U16 girls, Millie Gage rode with U14 rider Josie Griffin. Both were in a small lead group and this time Mille won the sprint, with Josie an excellent third.

Finally in the youth races, Michael Parry and Nathan Blackmore started. Nathan had a terrible start, unable to clip in and spent the entire race chasing, picking off stragglers, but unable to close on the bunch. Michael rode well, making a couple of attempts to break away, but no one was able to make a break stick and it came down to a large bunch sprint, with Michael take fourth.

Michael then stayed on to race the Cat 3 race without the hill, 3 hours later. There were many attacks and Michael chose the right one to bridge to, forming a group of 4 who worked hard together for lap after lap to ease out a 15 second lead, in the process catching, passing and then lapping the Cat E12 race that started ahead of them. The peleton finally gave up the chase with 2 laps to go, leaving the 4 to sprint it out. Michael had nothing left and cruised in to take a hard earned fourth.

Bob Parry

Junior Women’s Race at Woodbridge

Junior Women’s Race at Woodbridge last week. A small field meant that Gaia and Rebecca were only racing for three points for the win. The field rapidly thinned to five with both of the girls in. With three of the very long laps to go Gaia punctured but with the aid of a formula one’ish wheel change she got going again but some way behind. There then followed a super human effort to get back to the field, with the aid of Rebecca refusing to take a turn in the bunch. At the end the long sprint with a strong tail wind proved too much with both girls spinning out their Junior gear. Gaia finished third and Rebecca fifth.

Club 10 TT 26th May 2015

Thanks to everyone that came, we require volunteers to assist with marshalling / pushing-off etc – if people could let us know what Tuesdays they can do and we can try to sort-out a rota .

More photos can be found on our FB page

Club 10 26th May 2015
Name Time Position
Michael Parry 23.58 1
Will Raymond 24.41 2
Toby Miles 25.18 3
Tom Durkin 25.29 4
Oliver Stockwell 25.33 5
Phil Skinner 25.45 6
Keith Stockwell 25.49 7
Nathan Blackmore 26.58 8
Annabel Sill 27.34 9
Andrew Porter 28.15 10
Mel Partner 28.27 11
Mark Bicknell 29.03 12
Garry Blackmore 29.08 13
Gaia Casciello 32.16 14
Jamie Dene Punc / DNF
Dan Brockman Punc / DNF
Ben Smith Punc / DNF


Welwyn Track League – 22nd May 2015


Sponsored by Peloton Hatfield

What do you mean no 10 miler !?!?!

22/05/15 at Welwyn Wheelers track league meeting Sponsored by Peloton Hatfield and supported by Herts County Council saw the lowest numbers this year. With only 23 youth riders and 38 senior riders, which was put down to the bank holiday weekend and school half term.

Unfortunately, the absentees missed a major change in the senior racing programme – the 10 mile race which traditionally rounds off the evening was replaced with a 35 laps point’s race.

It was the first outing in the Peloton Hatfield yellow leader’s jersey for John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT). He did the jersey proud winning the senior A devil and the senior 35 laps points race at the end of the evening. This was by far the most exciting race of the evening, with Andrew Hastings (Richardson’s Trek RT) pushing McClelland hard all the way to the end.

Home rider Keith Bryceland (Welwyn Wheelers) had a good evening in the senior B’s placing in all the races and winning the scratch race.

The youth racing was set alight by the youth CDE block pursuit, which was won by Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers). This was an extremely close race and was only won by a wheel length by the trio led by Woodliffe, when at half way Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) was out on his own and leading by around ¼ of a lap. Kiely did win the youth CDE scratch and devil.

The youth A racing was dominated by Ryan Green (Lee Valley), in a real show of strength winning all category races with ease. This feat was nearly emulated by Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn wheelers) in the youth B, but he was pipped in the final race of the evening by Eleanor McArdle (Welwyn Wheelers).

Senior A

10 lap Scratch –Joshua Roberts (Zappis RT) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) George Olive (Finchley RT) William Raymond (Welwyn Wheelers

Devil – John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) William Raymond (Welwyn Wheelers) Mitchell Powell (Team Terminator) Ethan Vernon (Corley Drops RT)

10 lap Scratch – George Olive (Finchley RT) Andrew Hastings (Richardson’s Trek RT) Joshua Roberts (Zappis RT) Ethan Vernon (Corley Drops RT)

35 Lap Points – John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Andrew Hastings (Richardson’s Trek RT) Joshua Roberts (Zappis RT) Mike Broadwith (Arctic Tacx RT)

Senior B

10 lap scratch – Keith Bryceland (Welwyn Wheelers) Bradley Clark (Green Arrow CRT) Tony Marriott (Hertfordshire Wheelers) Sam Alison (Singular Cycles)

Devil – Andrew Perrin (Finchley) Cai Davies (Welwyn Wheelers) Keith Bryceland (Welwyn Wheelers) Tom Durkin (Welwyn Wheelers)

Unknown Distance – Cai Davies (Welwyn Wheelers) Andrew Perrin (Finchley) Keith Bryceland (Welwyn Wheelers) Toby Miles (Welwyn Wheelers)

Youth A

5 lap Scratch – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Ben Selfe (Lee Valley) Matthew Shepherd (Lee Valley)

8 lap points – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Matthew Shepherd (Lee Valley) Ben Selfe (Lee Valley)

8 Lap block pursuit – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Matthew Shepherd (Lee Valley) Reece Pollen (Welwyn Wheelers)

8 lap handicap – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Matthew Shepherd (Lee Valley) Ben Selfe (Lee Valley) Nathan Blackmore (Welwyn Wheelers)

Youth B

4 lap Scratch – Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn Wheelers) Oisin Murphy (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) Sophie Lewis (CC Ashwell)

6 lap points – Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn Wheelers) Sophie Lewis (CC Ashwell) Oisin Murphy (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)

6 lap block pursuit –Ollie Stockwell Oisin Murphy (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) Eleanor McArdle (Welwyn Wheelers)

6 lap handicap – Eleanor McArdle (Welwyn Wheelers) Sophie Lewis (CC Ashwell) Lauren Higham (Welwyn Wheelers) Freya Butler (Welwyn Wheelers)

Youth CDE

3 lap Scratch – Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Rudy Knight (Lee Valley)

Devil – Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers) Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers)

4 Lap block pursuit – Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers) Ted Brett (Welwyn Wheelers) Emily Knight (Lee Valley)

4 lap handicap – Jenna Miles (Welwyn Wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers) Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers)