The Letchworth Grand Prix 14th June 2015

The Letchworth Grand Prix – promoted by CCAshwell – had 320 riders taking part – of which 39 were Welwyn Wheelers – the club had riders in all various categories in this event which is part of the Tour of Herts road circuit series.
The course was short & technical involving a hair pin bend & chicane in quick succession. There were a number of riders who were racing for the first time they all rode well.
Most impressive was out of the field of 16 ladies , 6 of them were from Welwyn – 3 of whom got top 10 results & one who was racing for the first time.
Top podium places were gained by – Lauren Higham, Millie Gage and Kat Anderson.  Will Raymond & Cai Davies were top 10 in the 2/3 Senior race, Ben Webster. Gaia Casciello rode well in the Womens race and finished 4th.

Cardiff BC Youth Road Circuit Series

The Wheelers travelled to Cardiff on Saturday for the BC Youth road circuit series event – all the categories had a large entry and the wet conditions resulted in a number of crashes.
Josie Griffin was in excellent form in the under 14 Girls event – she was in  leading breakaway group of 9 riders from which 5 riders escaped but Josie and one of the VC Londres girls caught them with 200 metres remaining and Josie finished 4th in the 5-up sprint. A great ride.
Will Raymond and Michael Parry finished in the main bunch in the 68 strong under 16 race while Sam Asker was around 20th in the under 14 Boys event. The next event in this series is in Milton Keynes Town Centre on Sunday

The Welwyn Wheelers Club Track Championship 2015

The Welwyn Wheelers Club Track Championship 2015

  • The Under 14/under 12 and under 10 Championships  will be run on Wednesday July 8th  at 7-00pm
  • The Under 16 and Junior/Senior/Vets Championships  will be run on Wednesday July 15th  at 7-00pm

The format for each age band will be a four event Omnium

Time Trial/ Devil/Sprint and Distance event.


The points scored in EACH event will be used to calculate the finishing order as follows

First place – 1 pt,  second place 2 pts , third place 3 pts etc.

The Winner is the rider with the lowest points total.

If you wish to ride in the Club Track Championships please give your name to the coaches or Peter Waghorn at a track training session or send an email  to

We will also need some volunteer helpers to act as Time keepers, judges, holders etc so please let me know if you are able to assist at the events on July 8th and 15th

Peter Waghorn  01707-327011



Sponsored by Peloton Hatfield

Frank Longstaff tightens his grip

05/06/15 at Welwyn Wheelers track league meeting Sponsored by Peloton Hatfield and supported by Herts County Council saw Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) take a clean sweep of the senior A races and the 10 miler at the close of the meeting. This dominant display by Longstaff has helped him to close the gap on John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT).

 The Senior B racing had the unfortunate accolade of the first crash of the 2015 season with Jack Loveman (Verulum CC) taking a tumble in the first event of the evening. Loveman suffered only road rash but chose to take no further part in the evenings racing.

 Due to a rule change enforced by British Cycling (BC) a number of the Youth A riders road up into the senior B racing. This seemed to suit Ryan Green (Lee Valley) who won the senior B scratch and came third in the point’s race.

 The rule change from BC also meant the youth A and Youth B class have now been put together as one. This did not faze Dexter Mansel-Thomas (Colchester Rovers) who took the win in the scratch race.

 Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) had a great night in the Youth CDE taking every event bar the last event of the evening, the handicap, which went to team mate Joe Kiely.

Senior A

10 lap Scratch – Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) George Olive (Finchley RT) Mitchell Powell (Team Terminator) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT)

15 Lap Points – Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) Mike Broadwith (Artic Tacx) Mitchell Powell (Team Terminator) Simon Best (North Road)

6 Lap Block Pursuit – Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Mitchell Powell (Team Terminator) George Olive (Finchley RT)

10 Mile Scratch – Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Ethan Vernon (Corley Drops) George Olive (Finchley RT)

Senior B

10 lap scratch – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Chris Burns (Welwyn Wheelers) Simon Keen (Crest CC) Andrew Perrin (Finchley)

12 Lap Points – Bradley Clark (Green Arrow CRT) Ben Webster (Welwyn Wheelers) Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Andrew Perrin (Finchley RT)

6 Lap Block Pursuit – Andrew Perrin (Finchley) Ben Webster (Welwyn Wheelers) Brett Travers (VC Revolution) Bradley Clark (Green Arrow CRT)

Youth AB

7 Lap Scratch – Dexter Mansel-Thomas (Colchester Rovers) Nathan Blackmore (Welwyn Wheelers) Reece Pollen (Welwyn Wheelers)

Devil – Nathan Blackmore (Welwyn Wheelers) Reece Pollen (Welwyn Wheelers) Dexter Mansel-Thomas (Colchester Rovers)

7 Lap Points – Reece Pollen (Welwyn Wheelers) Nathan Blackmore (Welwyn Wheelers) Archie Peet (Team MK)

6 lap handicap – Nathan Blackmore (Welwyn Wheelers) Reece Pollen (Welwyn Wheelers) Archie Peet (Team MK) Dexter Mansel-Thomas (Colchester Rovers)

Youth CDE

3 lap Scratch – Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers)

Devil – Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers)

0.5 Lap Dash – Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers) Jodie Taylor (Colchester Rovers)

4 lap handicap – Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Jodie Taylor (Colchester Rovers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers)


Track League Race Training OPEN Sessions

The next four Mondays are confirmed as Track League Race Training* OPEN Sessions

15th June
22nd June
29th June
6th July

The emphasis will be honing skills required for racing at the Friday Welwyn Track League.

We would like to encourage as many track league senior riders to attend these sessions so we can extend the exciting racing we are seeing on Friday nights.

* Training in this context will involve a mix of endurance & skills based exercises as well as races formats typically run on a Friday night -although this will be dependent on the make of the group on the night, weather & coach availability.

These sessions are for experienced track riders only

Dedicated Inclusive Cycle Racing Club for all ages and abilities based in Hertfordshire. We welcome riders interested in Road, Track & Cyclocross