Cylco cross Events 3rd & 4th October

Results for the  two cyclo-cross events plus Photo of the prestart briefing for the Milton Keynes youth race

The Welwyn Wheelers riders were a major force at both the Central League cyclo-cross event on Saturday and the Eastern League race at Colchester on Sunday
Ollie Stockwell won the Under 14 event at Milton Keynes and triumphed again on Sunday – he was not only the leading under 14  rider but finishing 3rd overall in a field of 50 under 16 and under 14 riders with an impressive performance. Will Raymond  easily won the youth event on Sunday backed up by Sam Asker 7th, Tom Durkin 10th and Joe Kiely 11th – Elspeth Grace was top girl in 13th place overall with Lauren Higham second U16 girl and Jenna Miles third under 14 girl.
In the Senior events on Sunday Keith Stockwell was 16th in the full field of 80 riders in the 40+ event with Martin Dossett 40th – the previous day Martin beat the Club 30 mile Time Trial record in 1-04-25
In the Senior/Junior category Michael Parry was 2nd Junior and 5th overall in a 50 strong field – Cai Davies and Toby Miles were in the low twenties.

Opening Round of the Central Region Cyclo-cross League 2015

The opening round of the Central region Cyclo-cross League was held on Sunday and contained a large band of the Wheelers riders.
The event was run on a superb site at RAF Halton in glorious warm sunny conditions with a military band playing to add to the atmosphere
The event was run on a technical and demanding course,  with a stretch of gravel, sharp steep hills and off camber sections.
Welwyn Wheelers were well represented in all categories, they enjoyed the conditions and came away with another set of amazing results
Four Wheelers in Under 10 s – Xavier and Dillon Knott, Rupert Cavill and Thomas Dixon)
Under 12s – 2 riders (Matt Jackson and Poppy Knott

Under 14s- 8 riders (Tedd Brett, Benjamin Hinchliffe, Joe Kiely, Tom Sharples, Alfie Aldridge, Ollie Stockwell, Michael Sumner and Imogen Chastel

Under 16s -6 riders (Nathan Blackmore, Gwilym Park, Wll Raymond, Tom Durkin, Freya Butler and Elspeth Grace)

Novice women – 1 rider (Lisa Chastell)

Junior men – 1 rider (Michael Parry)

40 -49 men- 5 riders ( Garry Blackmore, Thomas Hinchliffe, Alex Peake,James Robertson and Keith Stockwell)

Junior women – 1 rider (Rebecca Maynard)


Poppy Knott was 2nd under 12 girl

Under 14 boys: Ollie Stockwell 1st  Joe Kiely 3rd

Under 14 girls: Imogen Chastell 1st

Under 16 boys: Will Raymond 1st

Under 16 girls: Elspeth Grace 1st ,  Freya Butler 3rd

Junior men: Michael Parry 1st

Novice women: Lisa Chastell 3rd

Stolen Bikes – please share

Please look out for the below bikes taken from the Welwyn Wheeler’s Shed at Gosling Sports park overnight.26th Sept 2015.
Three PINA ZERO mountain bikes & one MONTANA Track bike – all of which originally came from a batch from British Cycling made available to Go Ride clubs so not normally available commercially in these colorways – so they should be easy to spot……stolen 1 stolen2

Eastern League Cylocross weekend 19/20th September 2015

Reports on the two cyclo-cross events this weekend

Welwyn Wheelers were out in force for the two Eastern League cyclo-cross events at the weekend.
On Saturday at Redbridge the Youth category was dominated by the Wheelers – the race was won by Will Raymond ,Ollie Stockwell was third and Top 14 rider, Elspeth Grace 8th and top girl, Lauren Higham 10th, Tom Sharples 11th and Joe Kiely 18th. Max Jackson was 9th in the under 12 race.
In the Senior/Junior event Michael Parry was 5th and Cai Davies 9th.
Martin Dossett, the club Time Trial Champion, made his cyclo-cross debut in the 40-49 age group event and was placed 34th, in addition Alex Peeke was just ahead in 31st place.

The following day most of the riders travelled to Colchester for the Amis Velo event which had a much larger number of entries and another good set of results for the Wheelers
Will Raymond was in impressive form and again won the Youth race followed in by Tom Durkin 5th, Ollie Stockwell 6th (top under 14), Sam Asker 7th, Nathan Blackmore 10th, Elspeth Grace 11 (top girl), Tom Martin 12 and Lauren Higham 14th.
Keith Stockwell had his best result of the season with 11th in the 40-49 group with Marin Dossett 35th. Michael Parry continued his good form with 8th place in the Senior/Junior category.

A good start to the cyclo-cross season for the clubs riders
The next East League event is promoted by the Wheelers on Saturday 10th October at Stanborough Park

Welwyn Track League Results – 11 September 2015

WELWYN TRACK LEAGUE – 11th September 2015

Sponsored by Peloton Hatfield


Senior A

10 Lap Scratch – Mark Smith (Pro Cycle Hire UK RT) George Olive (Finchley RT) Kristian Woolf (King Cliffe Flyers CC) Keith Bryceland (Welwyn Wheelers)

15 Lap Points – Kristian Woolf (King Cliffe Flyers CC) Mike Broadwith (Arctic Tacx RT) Mark Smith (Pro Cycle Hire UK RT) Joshua Roberts (Zappis RT)

Devil – Mark Smith (Pro Cycle Hire UK RT) Joshua Roberts (Zappis RT) Ethan Vernon (Corley Drops RT) Michael Perry (Welwyn Wheelers)

10 Mile Scratch – Andy Digby (Welwyn Wheelers) George Olive (Finchley RT) Mark Smith (Pro Cycle Hire UK RT) Kristian Woolf (King Cliffe Flyers CC)

Senior B

10 Lap Scratch – Ben Webster (Welwyn Wheelers) James Ambrose-Parish (Lea Valley) Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Andy Digby (Welwyn Wheelers)

10 Lap Points – Andy Digby (Welwyn Wheelers) Andrew Perrin (Finchley RT) Andrew Brown (Welwyn Wheelers) James Ambrose-Parish (Lea Valley)

Devil – James Ambrose-Parish (Lea Valley) Georg Georgallides (Finchley RT) Andy Digby (Welwyn Wheelers) Ben Webster (Welwyn Wheelers)

Youth AB

8 Lap Scratch – Christian Manzi (Lee Valley) Louis Bilyard (Lee Valley) Archie Peet (Team MK)

8 Lap Points – Nathan Blackmore (Welwyn Wheelers) Louis Bilyard (Lee Valley) Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn wheelers)

Devil – Alex Edwards (Palmer Park) Christian Manzi (Lee Valley) Nathan Blackmore (Welwyn Wheelers)

7 Lap Handicap – Christian Manzi (Lee Valley) Louis Bilyard (Lee Valley) Archie Peet (Team MK) Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn wheelers)

Youth CDE

3 lap Scratch – Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers)

4 Lap Points – Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Amelia Hopper (Colchester Rovers)

Devil – Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers) Ben Griffin (Welwyn Wheelers) Sammy Gage (Welwyn wheelers)

4 Lap Handicap – Sam Daniels (Ashwell CC) Ben Griffin (Welwyn Wheelers) Sammy Gage (Welwyn wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers)