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Road Race results

Hog Hill 30th May 2015

There was some good racing at Hog Hill on Saturday.

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Joe Kiely started the ball rolling with a second in the U12 race, just pipped in the sprint to the line.

In the U14 boys, Jamie Dene, Ollie Stockwell and Sam Asker all rode well near the front of the race throughout, keeping the pace high, but it came down to a sprint up the hill on the last lap, with Jamie taking second, Sam fourth and Ollie close behind.

In the U14 girls, Lauren Higham and Imogen Chastell were in a 4 girl lead group. One girl got away towards the end leaving Lauren and Imogen to take second and fourth respectively on the sprint for the line.

In the U16 girls, Millie Gage rode with U14 rider Josie Griffin. Both were in a small lead group and this time Mille won the sprint, with Josie an excellent third.

Finally in the youth races, Michael Parry and Nathan Blackmore started. Nathan had a terrible start, unable to clip in and spent the entire race chasing, picking off stragglers, but unable to close on the bunch. Michael rode well, making a couple of attempts to break away, but no one was able to make a break stick and it came down to a large bunch sprint, with Michael take fourth.

Michael then stayed on to race the Cat 3 race without the hill, 3 hours later. There were many attacks and Michael chose the right one to bridge to, forming a group of 4 who worked hard together for lap after lap to ease out a 15 second lead, in the process catching, passing and then lapping the Cat E12 race that started ahead of them. The peleton finally gave up the chase with 2 laps to go, leaving the 4 to sprint it out. Michael had nothing left and cruised in to take a hard earned fourth.

Bob Parry

Junior Women’s Race at Woodbridge

Junior Women’s Race at Woodbridge last week. A small field meant that Gaia and Rebecca were only racing for three points for the win. The field rapidly thinned to five with both of the girls in. With three of the very long laps to go Gaia punctured but with the aid of a formula one’ish wheel change she got going again but some way behind. There then followed a super human effort to get back to the field, with the aid of Rebecca refusing to take a turn in the bunch. At the end the long sprint with a strong tail wind proved too much with both girls spinning out their Junior gear. Gaia finished third and Rebecca fifth.

Colchester Rovers Youth & Junior GP 25th May 2015

From left to right Joe Kiely, Jamie Dene, Ollie Stockwell, Lauren Higham and Will Raymond. Photos by Julie Dene.

 More photos can be found HERE

Great win for Joe Kiely at Colchester today in the under 12’s with a lead of half a lap, He started of very strong and quickly took a sizeable lead. He found a slippery corner half way through but kept the bike in control. Around 3 laps to the end of the race Joe came off the bike hurting his hip and elbow, he got back on and still managed a lead of half a lap to win.

Well done to Ollie Stockwell and Jamie Dene in the Under 14 Boys  a fantastic race. Both  leading from start to finish, whittling down a lead group of four to a final sprint just between Ollie and Jamie. Ollie won by half a wheel to take the top step of the podium and Jamie second.

Well done to Lauren 1st under 14 Girls and 3rd in the under 16. A tough race, Lauren didn’t have the best of starts, struggling to clip in off the start line. She recovered well throughout the first two laps and was soon hunting down the second placed under 16 rider. Unfortunately the effort began to show and she didn’t quite have the pace to get past her before the finish.

Great Race for Will Raymond in the Under 16 Boys.  A very strong competition with lots of tactics taking place. Will fought for his place gaining several seconds in the last lap from the people behind to come in 2nd.

2nd Claim-WW Racer Daniel Maynard took part in the Junior Race. A field of 11 set off for the fifty minute race and was soon thinned down to six to compete the last quarter of the race. A strong attack from Ex – WW Racer Laurence Kirby saw the field ‘sit up’ leaving Dan the only person interested in chasing him down. This he did but at considerable expense leaving him unable to contend the final sprint to the line, leaving him in sixth place.


Eastern Counties Cycling Association Youth Crit. Champs 2015

Eastern Counties Cycling Association Youth Crit. Champs 2015

A big well done to everyone who took part on a bitterly cold day at Hog Hill.

Gold Medals for Joe Kiely (U12B) and Josie Griffin (U14B), Silver for Millie Gage (U16G) and Bronze for Imogen Chastell (U14G) and Kathryn Anderson (U16G).

Also there were Gold and Silver medals for William Raymond and Michael Parry in the under 16 boys

We did have other riders in most of the category.

Full results can be found here.

York Cycleworks Spring Circuit Races 1


Saturday 11th April 2015-04-13

In the absence of local racing at any of the usual locations Gaia Casciello and Rebecca Maynard of the Welwyn Wheelers Academy scoured the calendar last week and found the York Cycleworks Spring Circuit Races 1 (Cat. 2/3/4) at the relatively new York Sports Village. So together with Richard Maynard they set off on Friday evening, stayed overnight at Richard Parents’ house and travelled to York well rested in the morning.

The circuit, which is next to the newly commissioned outdoor 250m velodrome, is open and exposed. Warming up on rollers in the gusty conditions proved testing, which gave a good indication of the way in which the race would unfold.

Part of the attraction of going to far flung races is the unknown field, which was the case here. The predication was that the race would fracture into small groups was confirmed early in the race with two strong riders attacking and leaving the peleton in the early stages, this left the girls, armed with their race plan, to fight it out with the rest of the field.

They maintained their position at the front of the peleton and took their turns in keeping the pace high. This resulted in them causing a group of three to break from the front of the group and the pattern of attacking the third rider as a team was set. This rider was extremely strong and to her credit attacked the two Welwyn girls herself. Rebecca was first dropped from the group and then later Gaia, meaning that both of them were left to circulate on their own.

In the final stages the now very tired Rebecca was caught and overtaken by a rider from the Boston Wheelers Cycle Club, meaning that at the finishing line Gaia was 4th and Rebecca was 6th, out of a field of 15.

Both girls had a great trip and learnt a lot from their race about tactics and when to make the maximum effort. As well as the normal local racing both of them are now looking to race in the Polypipe Pontefract Town Centre Crits as the change of location proved great fun.

Richard Maynard

Academy Coordinator