Memories of Peter Waghorn from Haslemere & District Cycling Club

Haslemere & District C.C Best All Rounder Trophy 1951-1977

Prior to moving to Welwyn Garden City in 1957 Peter was a member of the Haslemere & District Cycling Club. As part of a lockdown project former members documented the history of the club, which ran between 1949-1983. They have kindly provided a copy of the information that the Haslemere & District Cycling Club Archive has on Peter. Peter’s brother David and sister Pat were also members.


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Peter Waghorn
7 Feb 1933 – 16 Jan 2023
Member 1954-1957

I joined the club in winter of 1953 having just completed 2 years National Service – I found that my Sister had already been introduced to club runs by Peter Stallard (who also lived in Grayswood) so I joined the club and soon after my brother David.

We really enjoyed the club runs and meeting other riders – we met at the bike shop in Wey Hill on Sunday mornings at 9-00am or met the run at lunchtime at a local cafe and finally got home some time in the evening. Great days.

I had my introduction to racing in a club TT on the Plaistow course in 1954 and progressed to Border CA and Open events later.

In the period of late 1954 to 1957 I was based in Southampton at the University so rode a number of local TT in that region. In August 1957 I moved to live and work in Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire. I joined Welwyn Wheelers who had a strong road racing team but also rode time trialls and on the outdoor velodrome in WGC. I stopped racing in 1958 following a back injury and became and event organiser. I am still an active Committee member.

I hope the above info will fill in some of the racing history from the early 1950’s.

I have kept in touch over the years with Derek Hoy, unfortunately my brother David died in 2019 and my sister Tricia in September – she would have loved to read the history of the club as she got us involved in the sport of cycling.

Commentary from Peter Waghorn 19/2/2021

Events Ridden Database

30/05/1954SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193321Haslemere Club 252501:13:39Peter Waghorn’s notes
06/06/1954SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193321Hindhead to Guildford & Back01:12:53Peter Waghorn’s notes
20/06/1954SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193321Sorian 303001:30:52Peter Waghorn’s notes
27/06/1954SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193321Border C.A. 25, H.10H.102501:10:27
01/07/1954ThuPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193321Bispham Memorial 252501:07:12Peter Waghorn’s notes
18/07/1954SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193321Haslemere club 252501:09:594thPeter Waghorn’s notes
05/09/1954SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193321Border C.A. 303001:21:29Peter Waghorn’s notes
18/09/1954SatPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193321H&D C.CBorder C.A. consolation 252501:06:58Peter Waghorn’s notes
24/04/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CEclipse Road Club 252501:08:57Press Cutting
01/05/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CBorder C.A. 505002:17:10Peter Waghorn’s notes &  Press cutting
15/05/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CSouthampton TTA 252501:08:43Peter Waghorn’s notes
22/05/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CAndover Wheelers MM 252501:05:338th
29/05/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CHindhead to Guildford & Back01:05:593rdPress Cutting
05/06/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CSouthampton TTA 505002:17:58Peter Waghorn’s notes
12/06/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CPoole Wheelers 252501:06:206th
19/06/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CZenith R.C. 100km Mass start, Lee On Solent62.125 thPeter Waghorn’s notes, bunch finish
01/07/1955FriPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CBorder C.A. 50, date TBC5002:17:10Press Cutting
03/07/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CBorder C.A. 10010004:55:17Peter Waghorn’s notes
07/08/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CBorder C.A. 10010004:54:06Peter Waghorn’s notes
14/08/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CSouthern Counties 5050DNFPeter Waghorn’s notes
21/08/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CBorder C.A. 12hr H.29H.2912hr220Peter Waghorn’s notes
04/09/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CBorder C.A. 30m H.11, Haslemere & District 30H.113001:20:55Press Cutting
18/09/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CBorder C.A. 2525DNFPeter Waghorn’s notes
02/10/1955SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193322H&D C.CHaslemere & District 25 Champs, kirdford2501:09:312ndNewspaper Cutting
04/03/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CSouthampton TTA medium gear 72″2501:13:06Peter Waghorn’s notes
18/03/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CSouthern Paragon CC 25 Medium Gear 72” P172501:10:34
25/03/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CHaslemere Club 252501:11:34Peter Waghorn’s notes
08/04/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CPoole Wheelers 25m2501:07:42Peter Waghorn’s notes
15/04/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CBorder C.A. 303001:21:53Peter Waghorn’s notes
22/04/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CPortsmouth Wh 100km Massed start. Lee on Solent62DNFPeter Waghorn’s notes
29/04/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CPortsmouth MM 252501:07:341st TeamPeter Waghorn’s notes, firsst team JB/PW/DW, J Boxall 2nd
06/05/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CHindhead to Guildford & Back01:05:332ndPeter Waghorn’s notes, 2nd to D Hoy
13/05/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CWessex 505002:12:19Peter Waghorn’s notes
26/05/1956SatPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CZenith R.C. 100km Mass start, Lee On Solent6230thPeter Waghorn’s notes, bunch finish
27/05/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CAndover Wheelers MM 252501:05:404thPeter Waghorn’s notes
10/06/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CWessex R.C 100100DNF
17/06/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CSouthampton TTA 505002:18:50Peter Waghorn’s notes
01/07/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CBorder C.A. 10010004:56:11Peter Waghorn’s notes
08/07/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CBispham Memorial 252501:05:27Peter Waghorn’s notes
22/07/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CAldershot 505002:13:252nd teamPeter Waghorn’s notes
29/07/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323H&D C.CSouthern Counties Clarion C.A.C. Ray Cox MemorialP.25002:25:54result sheet
05/08/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323Portsmouth Wheelers 25m2501:09:10
07/10/1956SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193323Portsmouth Region Road Champs, (Petersfield cct)11thPeter Waghorn’s notes, 12 in bunch at finish
07/04/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Haslemere Club 25 (Plaistow)25DNFPeter Waghorn’s notes
14/04/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Bailey Trophy Massed start50DNFPeter Waghorn’s notes
05/05/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Southamton TTA 303001:18:35Peter Waghorn’s notes
19/05/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Hindhead to Guildford & Back01:10:17Peter Waghorn’s notes
26/05/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Andover Wheelers MM 252501:06:33Peter Waghorn’s notes
23/06/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Tour of 3 counties, massed start847thPeter Waghorn’s notes
30/06/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Tour of Cerre Valley507thPeter Waghorn’s notes
14/07/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Bispham Memorial 252501:05:30Peter Waghorn’s notes
21/07/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Aldershot 505002:10:58Peter Waghorn’s notes
25/08/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Border C.A. 12hr H.2912hr236.072nd & 1st Hcap, Club recordPeter Waghorn’s notes
15/09/1957SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193324Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 100 P510004:44:55
29/03/1959SunPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193326Haslemere and District Cycling Club 21 miles, hard-riders TT2101:00:00Newspaper cutting, broke previous record
29/08/1964SatPeter E.Waghorn07/02/193331Haslemere 25 Club Champs2501:10:054thPeter Waghorn’s notes