‘Cross Returns

Archie wins CCXL round 1 and forces Dad to do another lap

The Central and Eastern CX leagues have started another season with a huge turnout of members already taking part in the early rounds on grass courses (too early for mud!). Lots of young riders have moved up an age group and it has been great to see a few new names giving racing a try for the first time.

Archie Peet celebrated his 17th Birthday by winning the CCXL Junior race on Saturday. As it is run together with the Vet 40s, his Dad thought it would be nice to enter the same race. Nearing the end of the race, and about to be lapped (again), an exhausted Jeremy slowed so that Archie could pass and take the chequered flag (meaning that he could then stop). However, Archie kindly shoved the veteran in front as they crossed the line in order to force Dad to do another lap.

Daniel Elliott also claimed his first CX win of the season at Springfield amongst many good placings for the club.

CCXL R1 – Team Milton Keynes Cross

Junior Men
1 Archie Peet
13 George Gould
14 Thomas Holt

Vet 40-49 Men
33 Thomas Hinchliffe
81 Jeremy Peet

Vet 50-59 Men
41 Garry Blackmore

U16 Boys
9 Cormac Nisbet
13 Jake Manning

U16 Girls
2 Beth Bennett
3 Sasha Blendis

U14 Boys
4 Finlay Woodliffe
5 Rupert Cavill

U14 Girls
3 Lucy Allsop
5 Ellen Phillips
6 Elise Whitaker
8 Lena Alford

U12 Boys
2 Leon Atkins
6 Henry Landon

U12 Girls
2 Katie Allsop

Eastern League R1 Amis Velo Hilly Fields Supacross

49 Ewan Elliott

22 Ellie Cadzow

Veteran Men 50+
32 Garry Blackmore

3 Mark Lightfoot
11 Toby Brown
17 Dylan Starkey
23 Rupert Cavill
26 Fin Woodliffe
27 Millie Coleman (1st U14 Girl)

17 Megan Hughes (5th Girl)

2 Daniel Elliott

Eastern League R2 Springfield Cross

16 Joe Kiely

20 Ellie Cadzow

2 Euan Woodliffe
4 Nathan Hardy
5 Mark Lightfoot
8 Calum Moir
11 Ethan Storti
13 Toby Brown
16 Dylan Starkey
20 Finlay Woodliffe
21 Rupert Cavill
25 Millie Coleman (1st U14 Girl)

15 Megan Hughes (3rd Girl)
18 Elijah Storti

1 Daniel Elliott