Victoria CC Time Trials

Victoria Cycling Club (

2016 Points League 10.2m T.T. Course E1/10a
including V.T.T.A. East Anglia Group
Overall Points League for all Categories

To Qualify: 3 Rides in any given category in 3 Events on separate dates


#1 Saturday 28th May (Bank Holiday) Closing: Tuesday 17th May Start 8.00am
#2 Saturday 18th June Closing: Tuesday 7th June Start 8.00am
#3 Saturday 30th July Closing: Tuesday 19th July Start 8.00am
#4 Saturday 27th August (Bank Holiday) Closing: Tuesday 16th August Start 7.30am

Each date comprises five “Stand-Alone” Events viz:

1. Solo (All-Ages) including V.T.T.A. and Vets Age Group Awards – Entry Fee: £9.00.
2. Tandems (All Ages) – Entry Fee: £18.00. Pre-entered reserve allowed.
3. 3-Up (All-Ages) T.T.T. – Entry Fee: £27.00. Pre-entered reserves allowed.
4. 2-Up (All-Ages) T.T.T. – Entry Fee £18.00. Pre-entered reserves allowed.
5. 2-Up (Vets Only) T.T.T. – Entry Fee: £18.00. Pre-entered reserves allowed.

Usually, the order of start will be the 3-Up’s, then Tandems, then 2-Up’s followed by the Solos but can be changed to suit all riders’ requirements overall.

Why not follow the current trend by riding two or more categories on the same date.

Event Secretary: Christine Yareham, 3 Haileswood Close, Elsenham, Herts CM22 6EN.
Tel. No. 01279 813683 – E-mail:


This Event is not part of the Overall Points League.

Grand Prix des Gentlemen 2-Up T.T.T. – Entry Fee: £18.00 (Pre-entered reserves allowed)
Younger Rider paces the Older Rider
Sunday 11th September Closing: Tuesday 30th August Start 9.00am
Event Secretary: Andy Beaman, 8 Colston Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 3RN
Tel. No. 07723 392837 – E-Mail:

All 5 dates must be pre-entered either via Cycling Time Trials Website or posted to the relevant Event Secretary. Please be aware that the C.T.T. Website closes promptly on the Tuesday Closing Date at 18.00 hours without fail. If you have a late Entry, please always telephone or e-mail the relevant Event Secretary.
The V.C.C. will always give you a ride if at all possible and looks forward to seeing all friends old and new at the above Events. Take care.

Christine & Doug Yareham & Andy Beaman

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