Welwyn Racing in Healthy Numbers

Finn Woodliffe, Rupert Cavill and Henry Landon fought a close race at the Central League

Sometimes, the task of writing a racing report can be too difficult given the sheer quantity of racing activity to report on. This is one of those weeks as there were 45 members racing at least once at the weekend in several different races and categories. The majority of the club’s CX action was to be found at Central League Round 2, a welcome return to Milton Keynes Campbell Park – scene of the unforgettable UCI World Cup CX event held in 2014. Eastern League continued on Sunday with Round 3 at Northlands Park, Basildon, while some also made it to Round 3 of the London League at Leeds Castle.

In honour of all those who gave it a go, a roll call of competitors names is simply listed below. Special mentions to i) Finn Woodliffe, for winning both on Saturday and Sunday (despite arriving at the venue on Saturday after the scheduled start time!), ii) Joe Bennett for picking up a silver medal in the Eastern Region Junior road race championship, finishing in 5th place overall in the 88KM race held in appalling weather conditions and iii) Millie Coleman, Mark Lightfoot and Joe Kieley for also picking up wins.

This weekend’s racing roll call:

Lena Alford
Beth Bennett
Ellen Bennett
Joe Bennett
Nathan Blackmore
Garry Blackmore
Holly Blaxland
Richard Blaxland
Toby Brown
Rupert Cavill
John Cavill
Millie Coleman
Ella Coleman
Alastair Davies
Josephine Davies
Laurence Davies
Thomas Dixon
Daniel Elliott
Rizwan Hameed
Nathan Hardy
Thomas Hinchliffe
Megan Hughes
Joe Kieley
Xavier Knott
Dillon Knott
Henry Landon
Jeremy Landon
Adam Lightfoot
Mark Lightfoot
Jacob Lowin
Molly Marriott
Calum Moir
Iona Moir
Chris Murphy
Cormac Nisbet
Alex Peeke
Archie Peet
William Pollard
Charles Rollins
Tom Sharples
Dylan Starkey
Elijah Storti
Ethan Storti
Finn Woodliffe
Euan Woodliffe