Opening Round of the Central Region Cyclo-cross League 2015

The opening round of the Central region Cyclo-cross League was held on Sunday and contained a large band of the Wheelers riders.
The event was run on a superb site at RAF Halton in glorious warm sunny conditions with a military band playing to add to the atmosphere
The event was run on a technical and demanding course,  with a stretch of gravel, sharp steep hills and off camber sections.
Welwyn Wheelers were well represented in all categories, they enjoyed the conditions and came away with another set of amazing results
Four Wheelers in Under 10 s – Xavier and Dillon Knott, Rupert Cavill and Thomas Dixon)
Under 12s – 2 riders (Matt Jackson and Poppy Knott

Under 14s- 8 riders (Tedd Brett, Benjamin Hinchliffe, Joe Kiely, Tom Sharples, Alfie Aldridge, Ollie Stockwell, Michael Sumner and Imogen Chastel

Under 16s -6 riders (Nathan Blackmore, Gwilym Park, Wll Raymond, Tom Durkin, Freya Butler and Elspeth Grace)

Novice women – 1 rider (Lisa Chastell)

Junior men – 1 rider (Michael Parry)

40 -49 men- 5 riders ( Garry Blackmore, Thomas Hinchliffe, Alex Peake,James Robertson and Keith Stockwell)

Junior women – 1 rider (Rebecca Maynard)


Poppy Knott was 2nd under 12 girl

Under 14 boys: Ollie Stockwell 1st  Joe Kiely 3rd

Under 14 girls: Imogen Chastell 1st

Under 16 boys: Will Raymond 1st

Under 16 girls: Elspeth Grace 1st ,  Freya Butler 3rd

Junior men: Michael Parry 1st

Novice women: Lisa Chastell 3rd