Go-Ride Sessions

Every Saturday 9 – 10.30am we run a novice session for young youth riders up to 16 years of age. Using their own freewheel bikes. (Mountain or Cyclo-Cross bikes are best for these sessions as they are conducted on grass as well as hard surfaces). Riders will learn all of the vital skills and techniques to help them ride safely and competitively. (Go-Ride Races will also form part of the rider progression process).

The minimum age for these sessions is 6 years, the sessions are long and get progressively more challenging which is not suitable for very young riders. All riders must be confident and “coachable”.
Due to the progressive nature of the sessions you need to ensure that you can commit to having your child attend a number of sessions.

Go Ride 2

The coach has absolute discretion on whether a child is suitable for the session & will let parents know if their child does not meet the relevant criteria.

Riders can sign on from 8:30am but MUST be ready to start at 9am with their bike in good working order. They must be self-sufficient as parents are not allowed to access the coaching area, unless invited to do so by one of our coaching team.

Compulsory Kit:
A roadworthy bike – two working brakes that the young rider can use, correctly inflated tyres, working gears (If your child cannot yet ride a bike safely using brakes and gears, then this session isn’t suitable for them). No exposed worn handlebar ends! If your child’s bike does not meet these requirements then they may not be able to take part in the session. A bike, clothing and helmet check will precede the session. (We have a very limited number of Mountain Bikes that may be available to hire on the day).

Correct Clothing:
A well-fitting, correctly adjusted helmet that meets BS standards
Cycle mitts and/or long fingered close fitting gloves. (In the winter it can get very cold!). Suitable clothing for the prevailing weather conditions on the day! Specific cycle clothing preferred. No loose fitting garments, especially trousers… Close fitting leggings and several thin layers are best…

WATER!!! Each rider should have a drink with them during the session.

This should be a fun and enjoyable session for all our young riders to gain confidence in their riding ability and go on to compete in suitable entry level novice races….

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