Club 10 TT Series 2022 Results (updated) Rounds 1-6

Ethan Storti set the fastest time of the series so far in round 1.

We’ve had some good turnouts for the weekly Club 10 series, with youth riders dominating so far this year – very strong rides on the first 2 weeks from Ethan Storti and Leon Atkins, with Henry Hobbs well in the lead so far on points. Esmee Bone is getting steadily faster and looks to lead the novice competition as the season nears the half-way stage.

Amongst the seniors and vets, Laurie Bone, Tony Marriott and Ewan Elloitt have all posted strong rides on road bikes, showing that custom lo-pro machines aren’t required to go fast!

Results 3rd May 2022

1Ethan Storti0:21:00
2Harry Hobbs0:22:39
3Laurie Bone0:23:20
4Chris King0:23:59
5Tom Pruett0:24:01
6Stan Nwaka0:24:37
7Andrew Brown0:24:45
8Phil Cunningham0:29:05
9Esme Bone0:32:11

Results 10th May 2022

1Leon Atkins0:21:39
2Calum Moir0:21:56
3Henry Hobbs0:23:26
4Laurie Bone0:23:56
5Tom Pruett0:24:24
6Elijah Storti0:27:04
7Esther Hughes0:28:32
8Megan Hughes0:28:35
9Phill Cunningham0:28:35
10Esme Bone0:31:55
11Phil Moir0:33:53

Results 17th May 2022

1Henry Hobbs0:22:51
2Laurie Bone0:23:24
3Andrew Brown0:24:21
4Tony Marriott0:25:42
5Elijah Storti0:26:13
6Phill Cunningham0:27:05
7Esmee Bone0:32:56

Results 24th May 2022

1Laurie Bone 00:23:34
2Andrew Brown00:24:08
3Andrew Jewell00:24:15
4Phil Skinner00:24:21
5Rupert Cavill00:25:19
6Elijah Storti00:25:27
7Phil Cunningham00:26:47
8Esmee Bone00:32:06

Results 31st May 2022

1Andrew Brown 00:24:36
2Tony Marriott00:25:27
Results 7th June 2022

1Henry Hobbs 00:22:43
2Andrew Brown00:24:15
3Stan Nwaka00:24:25
4Ewan Elliott00:24:25
5Stephen Pritchard00:24:43
6Tony Marriott00:25:13
7Elijah Storti00:26:09
8Dan Brockman00:26:50
9Phil Cunningham00:27:03
10Esmee Bone00:31:02