Club 10 TT Results Rounds 1 & 2

Phil Skinner rolls off

Euan Woodliffe is looking like the man to beat so far this season with two fast and remarkably consistent times.

Results 11th May 2021

1Euan Woodliffe00:20:27
2Henry Farrell00:21:15
3Andrew Jarratt00:23:22
4Ethan Storti00:23:35
5Andrew Jewel00:23:40
6Stan Nwaka00:23:42
7Phil Skinner00:24:25
8Charlie Court00:24:34
9Alex Peeke00:25:22
10Andy Brown00:25:44
11Rupert Cavill00:26:02
12Alison Kaye00:28:04

Results 18th May 2021

1Euan Woodliffe00:20:27
2Ethan Storti00:23:34
3Ian Hayter00:23:38
4Andy Brown00:24:10
5Rupert Cavill00:25:11
6John Cavill00:25:22
Alex PeekeDNF