Welwyn Track League 2017 Results – Round 2, 5th May

YOUTH 3 – 3 Lap Scratch

1st STARKEY, Dylan – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd QUIGGIN, Samuel – CC Ashwell

3rd DIXON, Thomas – Welwyn Wheelers


YOUTH 2 – 5 Lap Scratch

1st KIELY, Joe – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd WOODLIFFE, Euan – Welwyn Wheelers

3rd OLD, Abigail – Hillingdon Slipstreamers


YOUTH 1 – 8 Lap Scratch

1st STOCKWELL, Oliver – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd BENNETT, Joe – Welwyn Wheelers

3rd PEET, Archie – Welwyn Wheelers


SENIOR B – 10 Lap Scratch

1st HAYTER, Ian – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd GEORGALLIDES, George – Finchley Racing Team

3rd BEST, Simon – Full Gas RT

4th PAILLET, Eric – North Road CC


SENIOR A – 10 Lap Scratch

1st VERNON, Ethan – Team Corley Cycles

2nd MCCLELLAND, John – Bush Healthcare CRT

3rd PARRY , Michael  – Verulam reallymoving.com

4th BROADWITH, Mike – Arctic Tacx


YOUTH 3 – 4 Lap Handicap Points

1st NISBET, Cormac – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd CAVILL, Rupert – Welwyn Wheelers

3rd OBRIEN, Finn – Hillingdon SS


YOUTH 2 – Team Pursuit (each rider gets 2 points each)

1st ELLISTON, Katie-Ann – Southend Wheelers

1st BENNETT, Ellen – Welwyn Wheelers

1st OLD, Abigail – Hillingdon Slipstreamers



YOUTH 1 – Team Pursuit (each rider gets 2 points each)

1st MURPHY, Oisin – Hillingdon Slipstreamers

1st STOCKWELL, Oliver – Welwyn Wheelers

1st BENNETT, Joe – Welwyn Wheelers

1st WOODLIFFE, Euan – Welwyn Wheelers


SENIOR B – A/B Handicap

1st VERNON, Ethan – Team Corley Cycles

2nd PARRY , Michael  – Verulam reallymoving.com

3rd HAYTER, Ian – Welwyn Wheelers

4th MCCLELLAND, John – Bush Healthcare CRT


YOUTH 3 – Sprint 1

1st STARKEY, Dylan – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd QUIGGIN, Samuel – CC Ashwell

3rd DIXON, Thomas – Welwyn Wheelers


YOUTH 3 – Sprint 2

1st NISBET, Cormac – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd O’BRIEN, Bobbie – Hillingdon SS

3rd OLIVER, Tom – Welwyn Wheelers


YOUTH 3 – Sprint 3

1st CAVILL, Rupert – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd BENNETT, Beth – Welwyn Wheelers

3rd KNOTT, Dillon – Welwyn Wheelers


YOUTH 2 – Devil

1st BENNETT, Ellen – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd MARVELLY, Elizabeth – Hillingdon Slipstreamers

3rd OLD, Abigail – Hillingdon Slipstreamers


YOUTH 1 – Handicap Points

1st STOCKWELL, Oliver – Welwyn Wheelers

2nd KIELY, Joe – Welwyn Wheelers


Isle of man youth tour

Four Welwyn Wheelers travelled to the Sleepwell Hotels Isle of Man Youth Tour, a three-day event held over the Bank holiday weekend attracting the best riders from all over the country.

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The first stage was a short prologue time trial held along the seafront promenade. Joe Kiely got off to a flier coming 3rd in his category under 14 boys. Next Oli Stockwell and Archie Peet managed 28th and 55th respectively in the under 16 boys and Lauren Higham came in 13th in the under 16 girls.

The second stage was set on a flat 3km circuit with a howling tail wind in the home straight. In all the races the Welwyn riders were up at the front trying to initiate attacks, but it was to be a day for the sprinters with all the WW’ers boxed in, but not losing time on the general classification.

In a Grand Tour the final stage would have been called the Queen stage. Set on a wild and rugged coastline the riders had to negotiate a steep climb once a lap and cope with the gusting wind from the sea. In all races the field was blown to pieces on the first lap and a race of attrition ensued as weaker riders were dropped each lap. Joe Kiely was 2nd, Lauren managed an excellent 9th and Oli came 11th on the stage. Unfortunately Archie Peet was involved in a crash and was forced to retire with a damaged finger.

With big gaps opening up between all the riders that left Joe in second overall and 3rd in the green jersey points classification. Oli and Lauren were up to 9th on GC and Archie 61st, licking his wounds, but coming away with a fantastic experience.

All in all a very successful and enjoyable event for the Wheelers.

By David Kiely

Lots Bank Holiday Racing

At Hog Hill on Saturday Tom Sharples won the under 14 boys race having been in the leading group throughout the whole event, Rupert Cavill was 3rd in the under 10 group, Beth Bennett second under 12 girl. Joe Bennett and Jamie Dene were 4th and 12th in the under 16 boys.

Also on Sunday the Kinetic/Welwyn Womens team were in Norfolk for the Iceni Velo road race – Lesley Courtney 4th, Elspeth Grace 5th and Sophia Chastell 7th.

The following day a number of the Wheelers journeyed to Ixworth in Suffolk for the annual town centre closed circuit races on a tight course – Tom Sharples continued his winning streak by winning the under 14 race .

Dylan Starkey and Beth Bennett were 2nd in the under 12 boys and girls races respectively, while Joe Bennett was 5th in the under 18 boys event.


Time Trials

Time Trials – open to all riders 12yrs and up

Club 10m TTs

  • First event on 2 May, these will every Tuesday evening until August
  • Start and sign-on (from 6:45pm) at Cole Green – no pre-entry required
  • There will be NO ENTRY FEES for club members (non-WW riders £5)
  • We are investigating to have the A414 hard shoulder swept before the first event – no punctures!

Club 25m Championship

  • This will take place on 22 July, 2pm on the F14/25 course (Guilden Morden)
  • Pre-entry required by 11 July through CTT website (https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/15604)

Victoria CC TT Series (10.1miles) 

  • Friendly events that happen on four Saturday mornings through the summer on the E1/10 course (Newport, nr Bishops Stortford), with points scored over all four events (and prizes). These have been regularly supported by WW over recent years – first event is 27 May.
  • These can be ridden solo, 2-up and/or 3-up, so they make the ideal introduction to team TTs. It is even possible to combine rides and some intrepid souls have entered all 3 (solo, 2-up and 3-up) on the same day
  • Pre-entry required through CTT website (https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/find-events) – coordinate with your mates first if you plan to ride 2- or 3-up

Andrew Brown

Hog Hill Results

A number of the Wheelers youth riders were at the Hog Hill closed road circuit at Redbridge on Sunday for Round 1 of the British Cycling Roadseries.

One hundred riders lined up for the 90 minute Under 16 race on the main circuit including the tough Hog Hill which had to be climbed every lap. The pace was fast and furious throughout and a number of riders lost contact from the bunch each lap .

Lewis Askey (team RTS) broke away and Oli Stockwell rode
across to join him in the lead – after two laps he eased up and dropped back  to join a break away group of three. The group worked well together sharing the pace and gained time
on the main bunch. They stayed together for the rest of the race. At the finish Lewis Askey won alone by 30 seconds – Oli was totally exhausted as  he crossed the line in an excellent fifth place two minutes ahead of the main bunch. Jamie Dene rode well and finished in the bunch. Only 50 riders finished the race. Joe Bennett and Archie Peet were non  finishers having been involved in mid event

The under 14 race had 93 riders for the one hour race – there were numerous attempts to set up a break away group but none succeeded and as the race entered the final lap only 35 riders were in contention – ascending the final hill in the correct position was crucial to a obtaining a good finishing position. Tom Sharples used his power and tactics to good effect and crossed the line
in 5th position with a superb ride. Joe Kiely was 27th and Euan Woodliffe 28th

Lauren Higham finished in the bunch in the under 16 girls race.

In the under 12 category  event, Dylan  Starkey was dropped from the bunch after the 3rd of 6 times up the hill but settled into a small chase group and finished about 23rd-25th out of 49 starters.

Excellent results in a highly competitive days racing on a tough course with a massive number of competitors in each race. Round 2 will be in tne Isle of Man in late April.