Club Champions 2007

Award Champion
Evening 10 series – Senior  Tim Riches
Evening 10 series – Youth  Daniel Smith
Evening 10 series – Novice  Andy Bateman
Evening 10 series – Women  Joanne Knight
Club 25  Graeme Anderson
Club 25 Handicap  Jeremy Chandler-Smith
Club 50  Andrew Brown
Fastest 100  Not awarded
Senior BAR  Not awarded
Fastest 25  Graeme Anderson
Club Hill Climb – Senior  Peter Bonfield
Club Hill Climb – Junior  Daniel Smith
Road Race – Senior  Adrian Trott
Road Race – Junior  Not awarded
Youth Circuit Race – Boys  Joseph Fry
Youth Circuit Race – Girls  Hannah Robinson
Club Track Champions – Senior  Adrian Trott
Club Track Champions – Under 16  Daniel Smith
Club Track Champions – Under 14  Mark Smith
Club Track Champions – Under 12  Cameron Howard
Track League – Senior  John McClelland
Track League – 10 Mile Series  John McClelland
Track League – Best Lady Rider  Hannah Robinson
Track League – Youth Group A  Joe Magnus
Track League – Youth Group B  Esther Colman
Track League – Youth Under 14  Conor Woodford
WW Lady of the Year  Joanne Knight
Rising Star Trophy  George Bateman
Womens Youth Trophy  Hannah Robinson
Free Wheeling Trophy  Not awarded
Speed Judging Trophy  Not awarded
Gerry Edmonds Sprint Trophy  Adrian Trott

Dedicated Inclusive Cycle Racing Club for all ages and abilities based in Hertfordshire. We welcome riders interested in Road, Track & Cyclocross