Welwyn Wheelers RBOT 2019/20

The Road Bikes on Track (RBOT) Sessions will start on Wednesday 21st August 2019 and will run throughout the autumn and winter into spring 2020, the final date dependant on track racing requirements. The sessions will run between 7pm and 9pm. The price is Adults £5 for members and £7 for non-members, Juniors and Youth riders £4 for members and £5 for non-members.

This is a session open to riders in the adult and junior age categories. Youth A riders wishing to attend should speak with the coaches to ascertain if they have the skills and fitness to undertake these sessions. Youth B riders will be by invitation only. Richard Maynard and Ben Smith are the coaches who run these sessions. Both have British Cycling Level 2 Road & Time Trial Qualifications and are both currently working towards their Level 3 qualification.

Numbers are limited by insurance, to 30 if two coaches are present and 16 if only one is able to run the session. Therefore Welwyn Wheelers members will be given preferential sign on up to 6.45pm after which the list will be opened up to non-members. Each session is planned with an overall aim of developing group and race skills as well overall fitness. To this end all riders are expected to be ready to ride at 6.55pm at which time there will be a safety briefing followed by a dynamic 20 minute warm up. It is imperative that riders attend from the very beginning of the session and anyone attending late may be refused entry.

The overall plan for these sessions is aimed at Category 3 adults but is open to all riders who feel they can cope with the demands of the evening. The start of the season sees steady mile building, group work and occasional peak heart rate exercises. After Christmas this will be built upon by concentrating on high heart rate activities based on the group skills learnt earlier.