Open Road Bikes on the Track Improvers (Saturday Morning)


Saturday RBOT 9am-11am.
An open session for Youth riders aged 14 and above, and Seniors/Juniors who wish to improve their group riding skills ,e.g. chain gangs/through and off etc.
All riders, young and old, must be competent bike handlers and have good base fitness. The Coach will advise if any rider is suitable or not to attend the session.

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Riders wishing to attend this session should have some experience of riding in a group, and have the confidence to follow a wheel for a prolonged period, as this will form the basis for most activities. Each session is planned with an overall aim of developing a rider’s confidence, riding in a group dynamic as well as developing fitness.
Helmets and gloves/mitts are compulsory in order to take part in the session – no helmet, no ride. Riders should dress in appropriate clothing for the conditions (no bare legs in sub 5 degrees please). If in doubt, it’s always better to dress in too much clothing. Being able to take layers off is preferable to not have anything to put on if it gets cold.
Please ensure that yours and/or your child’s bike is in good working order before your arrival at the track. Bikes must have working front and rear brakes, gears, and tyres well pumped up. It is expected that riders will be self sufficient during each session, this means bringing a spare inner tube, tyre levers and pump to fix any punctures which may occur, and a multi-tool if you have one. The bike shed will not be open during any session.

Minimum age: 14 years old.

Numbers are limited to 24 (2 coaches).