WW Academy

Welwyn Wheelers Cycle Club currently functions to try to cater for as many cyclists needs within Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding regions dictated by British Cycling. However the Club is principally a racing club being based at Gosling Stadium Velodrome, WGC for over 50 years.

The Youth Section of the Club is very well attended with a membership varying widely in both age, ability and cycling discipline. The Academy was born out of a need to encourage riders through a realisable progression of racing on both track and road. This need was recognized at the birth of the Academy in 2009/10 when it was realised that Youth A riders progressing into the Junior (U18) age group had little by the way of input from British Cycling nor the greater cycling community.

In the 2018 season the Academy will seek to encourage selected riders from the Youth and Junior age groups to continue their development in an agreed direction.

Acceptance Criteria 2018-19

In general acceptance into the Academy is subjective and based on club coaches’ and team managers’ opinion. Membership of the Academy is open to both boys and girls. The four basic criteria are: –

1.    Experience and strength in both track and road cycling.
2.    Demonstrable enthusiasm for regular racing.
3.    Loyalty to the club and therefore team aims and ethics.
4.    Junior candidates to hold a minimum of Cat. 3 Race Licence.

Each rider, who at the start of the season is in the Junior age group will be assessed by the nominated coaches and team managers and will be informed if they have been selected or not to be a part of the season’s academy. Riders can be selected and deselected throughout the season when assessed against the criteria.

To apply for Academy 2018-19 membership please complete the online application form (click on the link). Or, download and complete this paper-based form and follow the instructions.

Any rider wishing to appeal a decision can do so by writing to the chairman of the club committee and the matter will be discussed and decided upon at the next available committee meeting.

Outline Benefits of Academy Membership

In addition to the normal club training program members of the Academy will be invited on various cycling camps aimed at improving fitness, stamina and skills.

Co-ordinated calendar from a Team Manager, nominations for suitable candidates to British Cycling, advice on the provision of individual coaching, Reinforcement of Club ethics and values. Coaching, practice and execution of team plans. Targeted races and series throughout the year. Recognition by the club of attainment of higher class of racing category. Financial assistance with a limited number of race entries. Support for parents/guardians of the riders.