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Track Results

Senior & U16 Track Championships

 The Senior/Junior/Vets and Under 16 Club Track Championship was concluded on Wednesday 5th July on a warm and sunny evening in ideal conditions.

The adult group had eight riders – one lady, one junior, two seniors and four vets.

Nathan Blackmore won the opening 4 lap Pursuit from Keith Stockwell and Ben Smith. Nathan also won the Devil with Ben Smith second and Matt Davey third.

The one lap sprint was split into two heats – Heat 2 – Andy Skeen, Leslie Courtney and Andrew Brown who finished in that order for 6,7,8 points/places.

Heat 1 was another win for Nathan from Matt Davey, Steve Hayward, Keith Stockwell and Ben Smith.

As they lined up for the closing 10 lap scratch the Championship positions were – Seniors – Ben Smith 10 pts Matt Davey 11pts, Vets- Keith Stockwell 11pts, Steve Hayward 12 pts – so it all depended on the final finishing order for the Club Trophies.

Nathan won (Top Junior), Matt Davey 2nd (and best Senior), Steve Hayward 3rd, Keith 4th (tied on points) – the tie-breaker meant Steve was top Vet as he had the higher position in the final race.

Leslie Courtney was top lady rider.

Under 16 group

Only four riders – Oli Stockwell won the 2 lap time trial, devil and sprint with Archie Peet second, Jamie Dene third ad Freya Butler 4th. The 6 lap scratch race produced a dramatic result. Oli, Archie and Jamie went into the final lap when Oli unfortunately punctured and was overtaken by Freya Butler to the finish line.This meant that both Archie and Oli tied on 7 pts each – the tie break going to Archie on the result of the last race.

Final results are posted in the bike store.

Thanks to the helpers who acted as time keepers, holders, judges etc


Welwyn Omnium Results

The Welwyn Youth Omnium Sunday May 7th

A long and busy day at Gosling Sports Park as the organisers of Round 2 of the South East Youth Omnium. Over 100 riders had pre-entered for the event.

Parts of the race team were there at 8.30am to start preparations for the day – organising the refreshment stock, setting up the signing on desk and the gear check system.

Riders started arriving soon after 9.00am, gazebos erected and the officials and helpers were all in place and ready for the first race at 12 noon

Highlight of the day was the fast and top quality racing in the 29 strong under 16 boys events. VC Londres riders filled the top three positions led by Oscar Nilson–Julian – Oli Stockwell was the top placed Welwyn rider in 9th position with Archie Peet 15th,and Joe Bennett 16th.

Sophie Lewis (CC Ashwell) was the dominant rider in the Under 16 girls event winning all 5 events. Josie Griffin was third and Imogen Chastell (VCL) 4th.

Joe Kiely and Euan Woodliffe finished 3rd and 4th and Tom Sharples 6th in the Under 14 boys group of 25 riders while Ellen Bennett was 7th in the girls series.

Six Wheelers rode in the 25 rider group in the under 12 boys series – Thomas Dixon and Mark Lightfoot (CC Ashwell) finished on equal points in 3rd (but Mark Lightbook had better result in Points race so Thomas Dixon moved to 4th) , Dylan Starkey was 5th with Cormac Nisbet and Thomas Oliver 10th and 12th respectively.

The days racing and the prize presentations were finally completed by 6-15pm and by the time everything was dismantled and packed away it was around 7-00pm. It was a tough and tiring day for both the riders and the ‘race team’ but well worth the effort. One major relief was a day of ‘crash-free’ racing, no ambulances !
Congratulations to Susi Sharples (Race organiser) and the large team of club officials and helpers. A job well done.

The third and final Round of the local Omnium series is at Stratford Olympic Park next Sunday. The top 4 riders in the Under 16 and Under 14 categories based on the results of all three rounds will qualify for the National Final at Herne Hill.

Winter Indoor Track

The Winter Indoor Track season continues to see good form shown by our Youth riders.

Icebreaker Round 2

Josie Griffin and Imogen Chastell represented the club at the second Round of the Icebreaker Series in Newport on Saturday.

The Icebreaker Omnium events attract large entries from around the country and with 41 Youth U16 Female riders on the start list competition is fierce and the standard very high.

Amongst the highlights of the day were Josie and Imogen finishing 3rd and 5th respectively in the qualifying Scratch Race and then in the Scratch final Josie securing an excellent 4th place, with Imogen 12th.

Both riders qualified comfortably for the Points final and in the Points race final it was Imogen impressing to take 6th with Josie securing 8th.

In the overall Omnium standings Josie finished 7th and Imogen 11th both outstanding efforts in a high quality National class field.

London Youth Track League Round 9

The penultimate round of the London Winter Youth Track League produced some great results for Welwyn riders.

In Group 3 Euan Woodliffe picked up a brace of second places in the 1km Dash and Points and was 3rd in the Elimination.

In Group 2 Archie Peet had a fine evening winning both the Elimination and Points race. Tom Sharples impressed as he took 7th in the 1km Dash

In the Youth/Junior Female Group Imogen Chastell picked up third in both the 1km Dash and Points.

Club Track Championships U16, Junior & Senior

The Club Track Championships for the under 16, Junior and Senior riders was run on Wednesday evening at GSP.

Six riders competed in the four  event Omnium format in under 16 group – Will Raymond won all four events to retain his trophy. Nathan Blackmore took second place followed by Gwill Park, Joe Bennett, Freya Butler and Jamie Deane.

Michael Parry and Ben Webster had a close battle in the Junior category. Michael won the 4 lap Time trial while Ben won the Elimination race and the 2 lap Sprint. The winner of the final 6 lap scratch race would determine the overall result. Michael won the scratch race resulting in a tie on 6 points each. In the event of a tie the result of the last race determines the winner so Michael Parry is the Club junior track champion.

The only Senior/Veteran to ride was Ian Hayter

Peter Waghorn

Club Track Championships‏

U14 Two lap Time Trial Time  Time Trial Devil Sprint Scratch Total     Position
 Joe Kiely   1.21.22     2      2      4      1      9       1
 Michael Sumner   1.23.16     3      3      1       2      9       2
 Tom Sharples   1.19.68     1      1      3       5     10       3
 Imogen Chastell   1.23.55     4      6      2       3     15       4
 Jenna Miles   1.27.95     5      4      6       4     19       5
 Ellen Bennett   1.28.84     6      5      5       6     22       6
U12  One lap Time Trial time  Time Trial  Devil  Sprint  Scratch  Total Position
 Euan Woodlife  38.71     1     1     1     1     4       1
 Max Jackson  44.60     2     2     2     2     8       2
 Toby Brown  48.34     4     3     3     3    13       3
 Isaac Whitten  46.86     3     4     4     5    16       4
 Jeremy Landon  50.70     5     5     5     4    19       5
 Beth Bennett  54.52     6     6     6     6    24       6
U10  One lap Time Trial time  Time Trial  Devil  Sprint  Scratch  Total  Position
  Thomas  Dixon  16.1    1    2     1     1    5      1
 Dylan Starkey  16.5    2    1     2     2    7      2
 Fin Woodliffe  17.5    3    3     3     3   12      3
 Rupert Cavill  17.9    4    4     4     4   16      4
 Henry Landon  18.6    5    5     5     5   20      5

Phae one of the Club Track Championshps were held on Wednesday 22nd June at Gosling Sports Park. All riders in the three age groups competed in the 4 event Omnium – Time Trial, Elimination (Devil), Sprint and Scratch race.
In the Under 10 group the final result came down to the sprint finish in the 4 lap scratch race – Thomas Dixon won by inches from Dylan Starkey to clinch victory.
Euan Woodliffe was the clear winner in the Under 12 group winning all four events from Max Jackson.
A close tactical battle in the under 14 category – Tom Sharples won the first two events from Joe Kiely but both riders lost out in the one lap Sprint race by watching each other and ignoring the other riders – Michael Sumner took the sprint. In the final 6 lap scratch Joe Kiely rode away from the field and won by 200m Michael Sumner beat Imogen Chastell on te line to take second spot. This resulted in a tie for first place between Joe Kiley and Mchael Sumner on 9 points. The result of the final race was used to resolve the tie which made Joe Kiely the winner of the under 14 category.
Our thanks to the band of Officials who organised the evening
The club trophies for the top riders – boys and girls – will be awarded at the Club Social Dinner in January 2017.