Letchworth Grand Prix Cycling Festival

Hertfordshire’s Year of Cycling comes to Letchworth on Sunday 14th June for an 8-hour cycling festival based around Broadway Gardens. Further details on BC Letchworth GP Enter HERE

The Letchworth GP  is going to be a real atmospheric event, and it is confirmed the prize pot which is a sizeable chunk of money, gifts, and prime prizes. Its all on BC with full youth, women’s and men’s races, as well as a novice race if anybody wants to just give it a go

We want to see as many Welwyn riders as possible representing the club

National BC Youth Reps – Well done Rebecca 2nd Term

Please join us in welcoming our new National Youth Reps for 2015-16: 1 – Hannah – Hillingdon Slipstreamers 2 – Dan…

Posted by British Cycling Go-Ride on Sunday, 24 May 2015

ECCA 50 mile TT – Saturday 16th May

Martin Dossett rode in the ECCA 50 mile TT on Saturday 16th May on the E2. Conditions were mild, sunny and dry but with a 7 m/s W/NW wind. When warming up he didn’t notice the wind and thought he may of got away with it but as soon as he went down the slip road onto the A11 he was being push all over the place. He thought it would be a cross wind for the whole of the race but with the course as it is it seems it was a cross tail going out which made for a hard grovel on the return leg with his average speed reducing all the time. He finished 19th out of 59 in 01:54:16, the winner, David McGaw (Cambridge CC) clocking 01:43:27 winning by nearly 3 minutes.

Photograph by Davey Jones



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James Ambrose-Parish Jumps the Senior A’s

 The Welwyn Track league was back to good numbers again on the 15/05/15 with 31 youth riders and 46 senior riders.

 The ride of the night came from James Ambrose-Parish (Lee Valley) in the senior 10 mile race as he started with the senior B group ¾ of a lap up and within 2 laps had jumped across to get on the tail of the senior A riders. It became apparent that the A riders did not know this had occurred and Ambrose-Parish stayed in the lead and took the win.

John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) had a good night placing consistently throughout the night to keep him in front overall. Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) also had a good night and seems to be in the hunt for the league overall and could be one of McClelland’s main rivals for the track league crown.

 The youth riders again had a competitive night of racing in the C, D, E and B categories. The youth A racing however was dominated by Ryan Green (Lee Valley Youth CC) who won every race that night.

 Senior A

10 lap Scratch – William Raymond (Welwyn Wheelers) Joshua Roberts (Zappis RT) Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT)

Devil – John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) Mike Broadwith (Arctic Tacx RT) Ethan Vernon (Corley Drops RT)

10 lap Hare & Hounds – John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Ethan Vernon (Corley Drops RT) George Farrell (Endeavour RT) Mike Broadwith (Arctic Tacx RT)

10 mile – James Ambrose-Parish (Lee Valley) Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) Luke Morgan (Corley Drops RT) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT)

Senior B

10 lap scratch – Keith Bryceland (Welwyn Wheelers) Chris Burns (Welwyn Wheelers) James Ambrose-Parish (Lee Valley) Georg Georgallides (Finchley RT)

12 lap points –Alex Pierce (Wilsden CC) Keith Bryceland (Welwyn Wheelers)

10 lap Hare & Hounds – Brett Travers (VC Revolution) Hugh Vivian (Finsbury Park CC) Laurence Lisher (Green Arrow CRT) James Ambrose-Parish (Lee Valley)

Youth A

5 lap Scratch – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Alexi Edwards (Palmer Park) Ben Selfe (Lee Valley)

8 lap block pursuit – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Ben Selfe (Lee Valley) Nathan Blackmore (Welwyn Wheelers)

Devil – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Ben Selfe (Lee Valley) Alexi Edwards (Palmer Park)

8 lap handicap – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Alexi Edwards (Palmer Park) Louis Bilyard (Lee Valley)

Youth B

4 lap Scratch – Sam Asker (Welwyn Wheelers) Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn Wheelers) Dexter Mansel-Thomas (Colchester)

6 lap block pursuit – Dexter Mansel-Thomas (Colchester) Sam Asker (Welwyn Wheelers) Jamie Dene (Welwyn Wheelers)

Devil – Sam Asker (Welwyn Wheelers) Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn Wheelers) Dexter Mansel-Thomas (Colchester)

6 lap handicap – Archie Peet (Team MK) Sophie Lewis (CC Ashwell) Emily Knight (Lee Valley)

Youth CDE

3 lap Scratch – Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers)

4 lap Block Pursuit – Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers) Mark Lightfoot (CC Ashwell)

Devil – Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Euan Woodliffe (Welwyn Wheelers)

4 lap handicap – Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers) Jack Emerson (Colchester Rovers) Jodie Taylor (Colchester Rovers)



Update Evening 10 -19th May 2015

These roadworks are due to complete tomorrow, in time for the TT, but
the surface condition is not yet known.

I will be checking it out before the race start, but there is the
possibility that the event may be cancelled if not safe or delayed due
to the time taken to check it out.