Club Champions 2015


Evening 10m series

Senior                          Austin Cup                  Martin Dossett

Veteran                                                           Martin Dossett

Youth                                                              Michael Parry

Novice                                                             Jo Puttock

Women                                                            Melanie Partner

Club 25                       Eccles Cup                  James Johnson

Fastest 25                    Rogers Cup                Martin Dossett                        53-04   Club Record

Fastest 50                    Howell Cup                 Martin Dossett             1-54-16

Veterans Short Distance TT (10 & 25)           Martin Dossett

Fastest 100                  Brewer Shield             Martin Dossett                        4-03-56

Senior BAR                Rose Bowl                  Martin Dossett


Senior Road Race       Wenk Cup                   Chris Burns

Junior Road Race        Chris Church Cup       Cai Davies

Youth Circuit Boys     S.Layfield Trophy      Joe Kiely

Youth Circuit Girls     S.Bruton Trophy         Josie Griffin

Club Hill Climb           Hammett Trophy         Lawrence Davies


Track League

Senior                                      John Bass Cup                        John McClelland

10 mile series                           John Claridge Plate     John McClelland

Youth Group A                       Claremont shield         Alexi Edwards

Youth Group B                       Bob Dring Shield        Ollie Stockwell

Youth Group C                                                           Joe Kiely

Club Track Champions

Senior                                      Skuse Shield               Keith Bryceland

Veterans                                                                      Keith Bryceland

Junior                                                                          Cai Davies

Under 16                                 Beaumont Cup            Will Raymond

Under 14                                                                     Ollie Stockwell

Under 14 girls                                                             Josie Griffin

Under 12                                                                     Tom Sharples

Under 12 Girls                                                                        Jenna Miles

Club  Cyclo cross Champion

Senior                                      Ellie Cadzow

Vets                                         Andrew Brown

Junior                                      Cai Davies

Youth U 16  Boys                   Will Raymond

Youth U 16  Girls                   Elspeth Grace

Youth U 14  Boys                   Ollie Stockwell

Youth U14  Girls                    Imogen Chastell

Under 12                                 Euan Woodliffe

Under 10                                 Dylan Starkey

Special Awards

Lady of the Year                    Elspeth Grace

Best Young Lady rider           Josie Griffin

Rising Star Trophy                  Imogen Chastell

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