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Support for both women racers and talented young riders

Welwyn Wheelers are pleased to announce two exciting projects to support both our increasing number of women racers and also our talented young riders.

Kinetic Welwyn Racing – Women’s Cycle Race Team

Welwyn Wheelers and Kinetic Cycles have joined forces to form Kinetic Welwyn Racing; a women’s cycle race team for riders based in the Eastern region. Thursday 19th May 2016 saw the official launch of the team. The team of eight riders (comprising six riders already members of Welwyn Wheelers) will target both Regional and National level road races in 2016. The team will look to develop its roster from riders within the club and take the best of developing riders within the region.

Welwyn Wheelers Cycling Club will provide team management by Richard Maynard, training facilities and ongoing coaching support (including access to performance testing, nutrition advice and physiotherapy services). The Club has also provided an initial level of funding to establish the team. Kinetic Cycles and Madison has provided bikes and equipment and will provide ongoing maintenance support. ERREA Sport S.p.A. will provide team leisure clothing.

The team has been developed to progress the riding career of promising riders whilst maintaining close contact with the club. The riders (who will also remain members of Welwyn Wheelers) will also continue to support and volunteer at club events and support our other up-coming female riders. Speaking at the team launch Richard Maynard (Team Manager) explained:

“Our ambition in setting up Kinetic Welwyn Racing was to provide a natural progression for our U18 women to step up into senior women’s road racing. With no women’s junior series in the UK, and races open to a wide spread of abilities, the majority of women’s racing appears to primarily favour trade based teams. The establishment of the team will keep local riders riding together in a team environment, whilst maintaining their link and involvement with the Club. Our vision is to have a rolling progression of developing female riders joining the team each year, whilst being supported and mentored by more experienced team riders.”

For 2016 Kinetic Welwyn Racing riders are Kathryn Anderson, Anna Carter, Elanor Cadzow, Gaia Casciello, Sophia Chastell, Rebecca Maynard, Annabel Sill and Rachel Heptonstall. You can follow their progress on twitter: @kineticwelwynRT

For more details about joining the team in 2017 and sponsorship opportunities please contact Richard Maynard at:

Welwyn Wheelers U18 Racing Academy

As part of the progression of our youth riders into the junior and senior ranks the club is reinvigorating its Welwyn Racing Academy. This will develop the club’s riders from Youth A (Under 16) through the junior (Under 18) ranks to senior racing. Those riders who have been accepted into British Cycling’s Regional School of Racing (‘RSR’) process and have ridden in at least two RSR’s will be considered for acceptance onto the Welwyn Racing Academy.

The details of the current roster are:

Junior riders – funded by Accuro, who have again agreed to part-fund this age group – currently four male riders

Youth U16/U14 –funded by Welwyn Wheelers – currently expected to be five male and five female riders.
Acceptance onto the Academy benefits the riders by access to in depth coaching and management advice, introduction to team tactics and advanced road racing skills, access to preferential rates on physio and nutrition advice.

To further engender a greater team and club spirit, funding will be spent on casual Welwyn Racing apparel for use both before and after racing and podium photos and assistance with nutrition and national championship/level race entries.

Welwyn Racing
The ‘Welwyn Racing’ headline is seen by the coaching staff of the club as a banner under which our Academy and Team members, as well high achieving younger racers, are grouped to enable further coaching and development

Welwyn Track League 6th May 2016

Welwyn Track League Results 6th May 2016

Riders and spectators alike enjoyed a warm evening of competitive racing at Welwyn’s Gosling Stadium, last Friday, in stark contrast to the week before when most needed a thermal vest to survive! There were 27 Senior and 20 Youth racing.

In the Senior A Group, eighteen riders started the opening ten lap scratch which after a couple of sedate laps got up to a cracking pace; the bunch held together until the end with John McClelland leading out, but was easily out-sprinted by Frank Longstaff to take first place and Kristian Woolf to take second.

The block pursuit made a welcome return to the programme, however twelve laps proved a little too long for most for such a full-on event.  For just about the whole race the “odds” team led the “evens” by a small margin, and with five laps to go, both sides were down to three riders each with the “odds” team of Longstaff, McClelland and Josh Roberts beating the “evens” team of Woolf, Mike Broadwith and Cameron Gutteridge by about 40 metres.

The third event for the As was the ever popular “devil”, with one out a lap until four remaining, those four being, Longstaff, McClelland, Woolf and Michael Parry finishing in that order, in a sprint recorded at hitting 42mph!

The final race of the evening was the traditional 10 mile scratch where the B group riders joined the As.  This was noticeably faster than the week before, and although no break was established, about half of the riders did not survive the many surges of pace during the race.  Longstaff led out at the bell with McClelland glued to his wheel, Kristian Woolf putting in a brave attempt to get around Longstaff at 200 metres to go, but this was to no avail with Longstaff kicking again and dragging McClelland and Joel Stewart into second and third places respectively.  Time for the 35 laps was 21 minutes.

So an impressive clean sweep of wins for Frank Longstaff who will be very hard to beat this season.

Senior A

10 lap Scratch – Frank Longstaff Team Terminator, John McClelland Bush Healthcare CRT, Kristian Woolf Bush Healthcare CRT, Josh Roberts Zappis RT

12 Lap Block pursuit – Frank Longstaff Team Terminator, John McClelland Bush Healthcare CRT, Josh Roberts Zappis RT

Devil – Frank Longstaff Team Terminator, John McClelland Bush Healthcare CRT, Kristian Woolf Bush Healthcare CRT, Michael Parry Welwyn Wheelers

10 Mile Scratch – Frank Longstaff Team Terminator, John McClelland Bush Healthcare CRT, Joel Stewart Kenton CC, Kristian Woolf Bush Healthcare CRT

Senior B

10 lap scratch – George Farrell Endeavour, Michael Skipsey Tring Hobbon, Tom Zittel Willesden Cycling Club, Tim Ducket CC Ashwell

10 Lap Block Pursuit – Michael Skipsey Tring Hobbon, Conor Woodford Willesdon CC, Ian Hayter Welwyn Wheelers, Rod Kelson North Road CC

Devil – Tom Zittel Willesden Cycling Club, Conor Woodford Willesden CC, Ian Hayter Welwyn Wheelers, Julio Davis Welwyn Wheelers

Youth A

8 Lap Scratch – Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers, Gwilym Park Welwyn Wheelers

8 Lap Points – Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers, Gwilym Park Welwyn Wheelers

Devil – Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Gwilym Park Welwyn Wheelers, Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers

7 Lap Handicap – Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers, Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Gwilym Park Welwyn Wheelers, Joe Bennett Welwyn Wheelers

Youth B

6 Lap Scratch – Oisin Murphy Hillingdon, Jenna Miles Welwyn Wheelers, Abby Old Hillingdon

6 Lap Block Pursuit – Joe Kiely Welwyn Wheelers, Oisin Murphy Hiliingdon, Abby Old Hillingdon

Devil – Joe Kiely Welwyn Wheelers, Conrad Holland WelwynWheelers, Oisin Murphy HSS

Youth CDE

3 lap Scratch – Jodie Taylor Colchester Rovers, Dylan Starkey Welwyn Wheelers, Jack Emerson Colchester Rovers

4 Lap Points – Jodie Taylor Colchester Rovers, Dylan Starkey Welwyn Wheelers, Mark Lightfoot CC Ashwell

0.5 Lap Dash – Jodie Taylor Colchester Rovers, Jack Emerson Colchester Rovers, Dylan Starkey Welwyn Wheelers

4 Lap Handicap – Dylan Starkey Welwyn Wheelers, Thomas Dixon Welwyn Wheelers, Rupert Cavill Welwyn Wheelers, Jack Emerson Colchester Rovers

The Wheelers on Road and Track

Michael Parry and Ben Smith put up some good performances and results in the Herne Hill ‘season opener’ on Saturday. Both rode in the senior B category. In the opening scratch event Ben Smith was second while Michael finished second in the elimination race followed by Michael first with Ben second in the Points race.

In the final 20 lap scratch Ben was 3rd and Michael 5th.

At the Velo Park also on Saturday the Wheelers girl racers were on good form at the Full Gas Cycling event – Imogen Chastell won the Under 14 girls race while Millie Gage was victorious in the Under 16 girls category . Unfortunately Josie Griffin punctured in the final lap when in contention for a top position.

Elspeth Grace and Lauren Higham were both in the U16 girls event and all in contention for top positions throughout as there was a seven girl bunch. Lauren was the main protagonist in trying to form a breakaway along with Elspeth but the efforts they put in were constantly frustrated by being closed down in the strong windy conditions. Lauren got away twice but was brought back but still contested the sprint with Millie, Elspeth and two other girls and were just behind the lead three in the final sprint with Lauren in 4th and Elspeth in 5th.

Sam Asker also had a good race in U16 boys but was frustrated by team tactics from other clubs working against his valiant efforts to get away from the bunch.

Ollie Stockwell was second in the U14 after breaking away in a group of three with Joe Kiely coming in 7th with the bunch. Sammy Gage was 12th and Ben Griffin 16th.

Jenna Miles was also third in the U14 girls which is a fantastic result in only her second U14 race.

Finally, the four race Milton Keynes series has now been completed – Ollie Stockwell won the under 14 boys group and Will Raymond won the under 16 series.


Cyclocross weekend 14/15th November

Heavy rain and a very muddy course at the Kettering Central League cyclo-cross event on Saturday did not prevent the Wheelers riders from notching up two impressive victories in the under 16 race won by Tom Durkin and the under 14 race won by Ollie Stockwell. As the day progressed the parts of the course turned to liquid mud that was virtually unrideable and meant carrying the bikes on parts of the course.
Additional results In the Under 14 category – Ted Brett 7th, Alfie Aldridge 8th and Michael Sumner 10th.
In the under 10 race of 20 riders – Rupert Cavill was 6th, Dillon Knott 8th and Xavier Knott 14th. Under 12 girls Poppy Knott 3rd.
In the 40+ race Keith Stockwell was 12th, John Cavill 21st and James Robertson 26th.
The following day a few of the Wheelers riders travelled north to the Eastern League event near Fakenham in Norfolk on a more grass based course with less muddy conditions – Ollie Stockwell was third overall in the youth race and top under 14 rider, Sam Asker 5th and Joe Kiely 20th. Keith Stockwell had a good start in the 40+ race but a mechanical problem and a puncture led to his being a non finisher.
Best result of the day was Dylan Starkey who finished second in the under 10 event.