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Cyclo-Cross Results

A tough but rewarding days racing at ShrewsburyRound 3 of BC National cyclo- cross series was run at Shrewsbury on Sunday on a difficult muddy course which resulted in lot of riders falling off, many mechanical problems and crashes on the wet and very slippery course.

In the under 16 race after a fast start Oli Stockwell worked his way onto the front of the leading group of 6 riders and opened up a useful lead on the field. The conditions were gruelling on a wet and muddy course requiring bike changes every time they
passed the pits keeping the pit crews hard at work . After completing lap one the lead rider of the group of 6 clipped a marker post and caused 5 of the 6 riders in the group to collide with each and fall. In the collision Oli suffered a front tyre blow out caused by a chainring cutting clean through the tyre. Oli then ran a third of a lap before he could change his bike in the pits. Having dropped to 6 th place he then chased down the riders for the remaining 2.5 laps, gradually working his way through the group and though he was closing down on the 2 leaders he finally ran out of time and finished in a well earned 3rd place. This enabled him to retain the leaders jersey and increased his lead in the series competition. Archie Peet finished in 20th place

Euan Woodliffe and Caelen Miller rode in the under 14 category. Euan finished in 4th place and moved up to second place in the overall results after 3 races. Caelen Miller finishd 9th.

Joe Kiely travelled to Belgium, the home of cyclo-cross, to ride the Telenet Super Prestige event at Gavere. He finished in 22nd position on another muddy course.


Club Cyclo-Cross Championships

Shuttleworth College near Biggleswade on Sunday had a massive entry from the club riders as this race was used to decide the winners of the clubs cyclo-cross trophies.

Daniell Elliot got away to a good start in the under 8 race and was the clear winner on the day with a positive ride. Henry Landon was second in the under 10 race of 21 riders with Xavier Knott in 9th place and Megan Hughes 16th.

There was a positive 1, 2 in the under 12 event with Dylan Starkey going into the lead from the start and opening up a good lead, Fin Woodliffe took second place followed by Dillon Knott 7th, Rupert Cavill 8th (on a borrowed bike) and Thomas Dixon 9th. Elise Whitaker came 8th in U12 girls.

The youth race for under 14 and 16 riders was run on the large course which contained a steep climb. Oli Stockwell and Joe Kiely were at the BC ODA training day so it was all to play for the under 16 riders – Tom Sharples got away with a good start in the leading group and as the race developed, he was in second place going into the final lap and finished just 5 seconds behind the winner. Archie Peet was 4th, Louis Sutton 6th , Rizwan Hammed 8th.

Another 1, 2 in the Under 14 race with Euan Woodlife and Caelan Miller leading the way, Callum Moir 8th, Max Jackson 16th – Ellen Bennett took second place in the under 16 girls event with Beth 4th under 14 girls.

The various senior races completed the days programme – John Cavill was 25th in the massive 40+ race of 98 riders, Tom Hinchliffe 39, James Robertson 51st and Malcolm Starkey 82nd.

Jamie Dene put in a great ride to win the Junior race and used his climbing skills to win the race by a good margin. Joe Bennett crashed out over the hurdles and ended up in hospital (4 stitches and recovering on crutches).

Elspeth Grace won the Women’s race by well over a minute in a field of well over 30 riders. Ellie Cadzow 17th and Freya Butler 2nd Junior.

Chris Murphy retained his championship status in the 50+ category, 38th in the 70 strong field. Matt Davey was the leading club rider in the Senior race in 34th place Peter Draper 61st.

The Novice race had a number of club riders/parents – Richard Blaxland 7th, Rob Dixon 10th, Ronan McCardle 14th and Declane McCabe 16th.

The cold wind plus the hilly course made for a tough days racing.

On Saturday a few Wheelers riders travelled to Bury St Edmunds for the Eastern League event – Joe Kiely won the under 16 race with Archie Peet 4th while Euan Woodlife and Caelen Miller had a 1, 2 in the under 14 category race. Dylan Starkey was third in the under 12 group and Daniell Elliot was first in the under 8 class.


Last Weekend’s Results

Round 2 of the BC National cyclo-cross series was run at Abergavenny at the weekend and the five club riders who made the journey came away having achieved a great set of results.

Euan Woodlife won the Under 14 race and got into a leading group of 4 riders in the first few laps – opening up useful gap. Euan lost contact when hefell off on a tricky corner but fought back to rejoin the leaders. He sat in for a lap to recover his strength and then put in a hard attack in the final lap, opened up a gap and crossed the line with ahead of 15 seconds for a great victory. Caelen Miller
had another good race finishing 6th.

In the under 16 event Oli Stockwell was in the leading group and was on for another good result as the race progressed – he lost out by a few bike lenghts in the finishing dash for the line and finished second . He has now scored two second places in the first two events of the series and now holds the leaders yellow jersey. Joe Kiely was 5th and Archie Peet 13th.

There were a number of Wheelers at the Eastern League event at Grafham Water on a hard bumpy course – Fin Woodliffe and Dylan Starkey had a 1,2 in the under 12 race with Rupert Cavill 5th.

Euan Woodliffe fresh from his win on Saturday at Abergavenny was 7th in the youth race and 1st under 14 rider, Louis Sutton 8th, Michael Sumner 23rd. Ellen Bennett was first under 16 girl.
Nathan Blackmore and Joe Bennett scored a 1,2 in the Junior race while Danniell Elliot was first in the under 8 boys event.

Another group of riders rode in the Central League race near Hillingdon also on Sunday (organised by Kingston Wheelers) – Rizwan Hameed won the under 16 race. Henry Landon and Xavier Knott 2nd and 5th under 10, and Sasha Blendis 2nd under 16 girl.

Full Summary of Results from the Central League Race Organised by Kingston Wheelers :

U10 boys
Henry Landon 2nd
Xavier Knott 5th
U12 boys
Dillon Knott 2nd
U14 boys
Jeremy Landon 9th
U14 girls
Sasha Blendis 2nd
U16 boys
Rizwan Hameed 1st
U16 girls
Molly Marriott 3rd
Vets Male 40-49
James Robertson 33rd
Vets Male 50
Chris Murphy 29th

Caelen Miller travelled to Happy Valley near Brighton to compete in the London League event. He notched up another victory in the Under 14 event.

This Sunday the Wheelers cyclo-cross championships will be run in
conjunction with the Central League event at Shuttleworth College near Biggleswade.


Weekend Racing Results

A busy week for the club riders – the opening round of the Full Gas winter track league on Thursday plus two cyclo-cross events on Saturday/Sunday and a hill climb.

The Central cyclo-cross event at Milton Keynes on Saturday was dominated by the club youth riders – Daniel Elliott scored the first victory of theday in the Under 8 race , Henry Landon took second spot in the under 10’s with Xavier 5th . Finlay Woodliffe won the under 12 event with Dylan Starkey 3rd, Rupert Cavill 4th,
Dillon 7th and Tom 9th.

In the under 14 race Euan Woodliffe got left at the start with a mechanical problem when his chain snapped, he ran to the pits to change bikes and was then last. He fought his way back through the field to take a well earned win with a great ride. Caelen Miller 4th and Tom Oliver 11th.The under 16 race had a host of Wheelers riders – Tom Sharples 2nd, Rizwan Hameed 4th, Louis Sutton 5th, Charles Rollins 7th.The girls were also on the podium – Beth 2nd under 14 Sasha 3rd, Ellen top under 16 girl with Eva McCabe 3rd and Alice Mills 7th Freya Butler 2nd in the Junior girls race. Rob Dixon was 16th in the Novice category.

The Eastern cyclo-cross event at Mistley in Essex on Sunday saw Dylan Starkey win the Under 12 with Fin Woodliffe third, Euan Woodliffe won the under 14 event and Keith Stockwell had a good result in the 40+ race finishing 15th in a strong field. Elspeth Grace won the Womens race. Also on Sunday Caelan Miller scored his first win of the season in the London League Cyclocross race

Eight Wheelers were at the Olympic track on Thursday evening for round 1 of the Full Gas winter track league – Tom Sharples had a positive start winning the scratch, points and elimination race which means he holds the leaders jersey for Group 2 going into round 2 of the series on 16th November. Micheal Sumner is 5th and Caelan Miller 8th in the same category. Archie Peet is 6th in Group 1

Jamie Dene was at Matlock on Sunday and took two second places in the Junior Hill Climb.


Weekend Cyclo-Cross Results

The club cyclo-cross riders were racing in three different locations on Sunday October 8th – 13 of the top riders went to Derby for Round I of the British Cycling Cyclo-cross series, 25 were at Leighton Buzzard for the Central League race and 15 were at Helena College near Stevenage for the Eastern League event run by CC Ashwell.

There were massive fields in all events at Derby and recent rain made sections of the course very slippery and caused a number of falls Oli Stockwell had a tremendous race in the 77 strong under 16 race and was in a race long battle with two riders for the majority of the event but and was in the lead approaching the finish but was overtaken in the last 100metres on a bend by Joseph Pidcock (Paul Milnes team) and in a close finish had to settle for an excellent second place. Joe Kiely was 7th Archie Peet 15th and Tom Sharples 40th , Charles Rollins and Rizvan 64 and 73.

Euan Woodlife was in the leading group in the 65 rider under 14 race but lost contact when his gears got tangled up with the course marking tape, he recovered well and finished 5th with Caelan Miller 12th. Other results – Elspeth Grace 15th and 5th junior in the Womens race, Ellen Bennett 19th Under 16 girls event, Joe Bennett 39th and Nathan 46th in the Junior race

In the Central League race Henry Landon won the Under 10 race with Xavier Knott 7th, Rupert Cavill was 2nd in the under 12 event with Dillon Knott 6th and Tom Dixon 7th. John Cavill 28th in the 90 rider 40 + race with Tom Hinchliffe and James Robertson 52 and 55

In the Senior Novice race Lawrence Davies 4, Richard Blaxland 8 and Rob Dixon 16th. Freya Butler was first Junior girl and Holly Blaxland 2nd under 16, Sasha 3rd under 14 girl.

In the CC Ashwell Eastern League the top results were – Dylan Starkey 1st under 12 , Daniell Elliot 1st in the under 8 event. Rob Bloxham 18 in the 50+ race

Another busy weekend.