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Cylco Cross Results

Weekend Cyclo-Cross Results

The club cyclo-cross riders were racing in three different locations on Sunday October 8th – 13 of the top riders went to Derby for Round I of the British Cycling Cyclo-cross series, 25 were at Leighton Buzzard for the Central League race and 15 were at Helena College near Stevenage for the Eastern League event run by CC Ashwell.

There were massive fields in all events at Derby and recent rain made sections of the course very slippery and caused a number of falls Oli Stockwell had a tremendous race in the 77 strong under 16 race and was in a race long battle with two riders for the majority of the event but and was in the lead approaching the finish but was overtaken in the last 100metres on a bend by Joseph Pidcock (Paul Milnes team) and in a close finish had to settle for an excellent second place. Joe Kiely was 7th Archie Peet 15th and Tom Sharples 40th , Charles Rollins and Rizvan 64 and 73.

Euan Woodlife was in the leading group in the 65 rider under 14 race but lost contact when his gears got tangled up with the course marking tape, he recovered well and finished 5th with Caelan Miller 12th. Other results – Elspeth Grace 15th and 5th junior in the Womens race, Ellen Bennett 19th Under 16 girls event, Joe Bennett 39th and Nathan 46th in the Junior race

In the Central League race Henry Landon won the Under 10 race with Xavier Knott 7th, Rupert Cavill was 2nd in the under 12 event with Dillon Knott 6th and Tom Dixon 7th. John Cavill 28th in the 90 rider 40 + race with Tom Hinchliffe and James Robertson 52 and 55

In the Senior Novice race Lawrence Davies 4, Richard Blaxland 8 and Rob Dixon 16th. Freya Butler was first Junior girl and Holly Blaxland 2nd under 16, Sasha 3rd under 14 girl.

In the CC Ashwell Eastern League the top results were – Dylan Starkey 1st under 12 , Daniell Elliot 1st in the under 8 event. Rob Bloxham 18 in the 50+ race

Another busy weekend.

Welwyn Wheelers Cyclo-Cross Results

Plenty of competitive activities for the club cyclo-cross riders at the weekend.

Round 2 of the Central League at Milton Keynes bowl on Saturday 30th September saw at least 40 Wheelers riders in action.

Star performance of the day was top 4 places in the Under 16 race led in by Oli Stockwell, Joe Kiely, Archie Peet and Tom Sharples. Euan Woodlife was next across the line having won the under 14 boys event by well over a minute and he was followed home by new member Charles Rollins 6th in the U16 event. Beth and Ellen Bennett were third in the Under 14 and under 16 girls category while elder brother Joe was 4th in the Junior boys race.

Dylan Starkey was third in the under 12 race followed in by Fin Woodliffe and Rupert Cavill 4th and 5th, Dillon Knott 7th and Tom Dixon 11th plus three additional club riders.

Six riders in the under 8/10 event with Xavier Knott in 9th place followed by Henry Landon who led the race in the final lap when his tyre rolled off – he ran to the finish and took 10th place.

In the Senior events Keith Stockwell – 9th in the 40+ race which had 90 riders with John Cavill 36th and Tom Hinchliffe 40th.

Chris Murphy finished 44th in the 50 + category of 72 riders and Simon Cragg was 39th in the Senior race. Laurence Davis was 2nd and Rob Dixon 11th out of 29 riders in the Novice category.

On Sunday 1st October 12 club riders were at Colchester for the Eastern League event – Oli Stockwell won the Youth race with Euan Woodliffe 4th (1st Under 14). Elspeth Grace was second in Womens race (1st senior) and Rupert Cavill was third in the under 12 race, Nathan Blackmore was 2nd Junior in the final race. Keith Stockwell was 11th in the 40 + event

This weekend a number of the top youth riders will be at Derby For Round 1 of the BC National series while the rest of the club riders will be either ride the Eastern League event run by CC Ashwell event or the Central race at Leighton Buzzard – unfortunately both events are on Sunday


Cycling Results Welwyn Wheelers

A great cyclo-cross event at Stanborough Park on Saturday 23rd.

Good weather, a sporting course, a massive number of riders for Round 1 of the Central League hosted by the club.

A record number of well over 450 riders which included fifty club members and parents, many riding their first CX race, took part in the various age related races.

The race support team met at GSP at around 6-30am to load up the vast amount of equipment needed for the event. The course was in place by 8-00am and the the marshals, sign-on team and officials were all in place for the first race at 10-00 o’clock.

Seven club riders in the under 10 race of 24 riders – Henry Landon 7th while Daniell Elliot was 3rd in the under 8 race from 14 riders.

Dylan Starkey won the under 12 race with Fin Woodliffe 5th, Rupert Cavill 6th and Dillon Knott 9th.

The under 16 race was won in convincing style by Archie Peet followed by Tom Sharples 5th and Louis Sutton 9th, Ellen Bennett was the first under 16 girl. Laurence Davis was 3rd in the Novice category.

Euan Woodliffe was on good form winning the under 14 category.

The senior events all had massive numbers of riders – 88 in the 40+ category – including six club members – John Cavill was the leading club rider 28th.

The  11 riders in the Junior boys race produced a race long battle between former Wheeler Will Raymond who won by a few bike lengths from Joe Bennett with Nathan Blackmore in 4th spot.

There were 30 riders in the Womens race – Rachel Dunne finished in 13th position with Freya Butler and Naomi Holt 2nd and third Juniors.

The final race of the day – 57 riders for the 60 minute race – Simon Cragg riding his first CX race was 33rd.

The last race was completed by 3-30 and the dismantling team then set out to pack up all the equipment, clean up the site and return to base and some well earned refreshment.

A very busy day for the everyone, riders, marshals and the large number of helpers that made the event a great success.  A wonderful team effort.

On Sunday 10 Wheelers travelled to Basildon for Round 3 of the Eastern League race – Keith Stockwell was 10th in the 40+ race – Elspeth Grace won the Womens race.

Archie Peet second in the under 16 event and Euan Woodlife notched up his second win of the weekend in the under 14 event. Ellen Bennett first under 16 girl.

Dylan Starkey 4th and Fin Woodliffe 5th in the under 12 event.

Stop Press news – congratulations to Oli Stckwell and Joe Kiely who have been selected by BC to join the ODA group.


Cyclo-cross & MTB Results

The club cyclo-cross riders were in Essex on Saturday 16th September for round 2 of the Eastern League run by Push Sports.

Oli Stockwell won the youth race for the under 14/6 age group which had a full field of 80 riders Oli won by just over  a minute followed home by  Tom Sharples  5th, Euan Woodliffe 6th (first under 14), Rizwan Hameed 17th, Louis Sutton 26th. Ellen Bennett was first youth girl.

Dylan Starkey derailed his chain when lying third but fought back to finish 5th in the under 12 race with Rupert Cavill 6th and Fin Woodliffe 14th.

Jamie Dene was 7th in the senior race and 3rd Junior with a great ride, Joe Bennett was 11th and 8th Junior

The Following day Joe Kiely won the Mud Sweat and Gears mountain bike race at Langdon Hills and won the race series with Oli Stockwell second.  Archie Peet and Oli Stockwell finished second and third in the Bison Hill climb event run by Lovelo – the top three riders were separated by one second

Round 1 of the Central League will be at Stanborough Park on Saturday and hosted by the club. Pre-entries are almost 400 plus those that enter on the day.