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Club Information

Saturday Club Riders – Assessment day 11th July

Attention all Saturday Club Riders/Parents,

Following a recent review by club coaches we are implementing some changes to the Saturday Club. This is to ensure that we are supporting the club’s primary purpose as a Racing Club, of giving riders who wish to race the skills required to make progress in their racing.
As we have limited track time & coaching resources we need to realign the Saturday coaching groups.

To do this we will be holding an Assessment Day on 11th July where all riders will be tested to a set criteria and allocated to a new group. The aim being that with realigned groups where riders have reached the same skill levels the coaching will be more efficient & effective. This realignment will undoubtedly mean that a number of riders will be required to move groups (either up or down) and some riders in the top group may need to move to the Monday/Wednesday sessions.

The Assessment Day will be Saturday 11th July 9:00-10:45.
Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time.

We encourage as many regular Saturday riders as possible to try to make this session, as all Saturday riders will need to be assessed to attend any future Saturday sessions.
Please note that for any new youth riders wishing to access the Saturday track sessions the minimum age will be 10 years.

During the Assessment Day, a training file will be created which will enable the coaches to monitor the progress of all the riders and highlight what areas need working on.
The coaches politely request that all riders/parents respect the decisions made, as they will be in the best interests of the riders.
We would also like to remind all riders that Welwyn Wheelers is primarily a Racing Club and the clubs coaching activities will reflect this with the emphasis being on developing riders to race.

If you have managed to read this far, we are looking for a few volunteers to help with admin on the day. This will involve signing on and issuing numbers/bibs as well as helping the coaches with paperwork. We would particularly welcome help from our young volunteers. Please reply to this email if you can help.

Welwyn Wheelers Coaching Team.

Additional coaching sessions Saturday mornings from 11:00-12:00.

The Welwyn Coaching Team are pleased to announce that there will some additional coaching sessions running on Saturday mornings from 11:00-12:00 every other week for club members only .
The first session will be on Saturday 18th July with the following dates of 1st & 15th August, 7th & 21st September.
These will be conditioning sessions and will be for road bikes on the track, we will also welcome TT bikes.
These will focus on training efforts and will be for competent riders, please also note that they will be restricted to Youth B riders and older, seniors most welcome.
Welwyn Wheelers Coaches.

Welwyn Wheelers Club Track Championships

A brief reminder that the Welwyn Wheelers Track Championships will be run on Wednesday 8th July – youth under 14, under 12 and under 10. Starting at 7-00pm
The Youth under 16 and  the Championships for Junior, Senior and Vets will be run on Wednesday 15th July – start time 7-00pm
The format at each event will be a four event Omnium – Time trial, Devil, Sprint and Scratch race – all events to count.
The Club Track Trophies will be awarded  on the results of these events so please make every effort to attend.

Volunteers required asap!

Many thanks to all those who have volunteered so far BUT  we are still in great need of some volunteers to help with administration, so that our coaches can concentrate on coaching rather than admin.

In particular we need:
– one  or two people to help update attendance registers
– one person to update our volunteers register

– one person to update the coaching availability rota

All you need is a basic knowledge of excel & an ability to type, it should take no more than an hour a week

Please step forward,  the club is run entirely by volunteers & we need to spread this load

Many thanks
Alison Maynard – Chair – Welwyn Wheelers

Welwyn Track League – 19 June 2015


Sponsored by Peloton Hatfield

Jason Burrill takes the initiative

19/06/15 at Welwyn Wheelers track league meeting Sponsored by Peloton Hatfield and supported by Herts County Council saw 38 senior riders and 25 youth riders take part in fiercely contested racing.

The senior A saw some very competitive racing with Tony Gibb (Full Gas racing) and Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) taking most of the spoils. Gibb took the point’s race by the scruff of the neck ridding just under half the race off the front on his own.

The 10 miler saw a great win for Jason Burrill (Peterborough CC) attack off the front with a lap and a half to go. With no one in the group willing to take on the chase, the sprinters left it too late and Burrill picked up a well-earned win.

The senior B racing was very open with a different winner in every race.

Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) won all the youth CDE races apart from the handicap race.

The youth AB racing saw a great ride by Louis Bilyard (Lee Valley) in the point’s race. Bilyard rode very strongly to take 5 points overall in the race and the win.

It is hoped the number of riders continues to rise as more riders mean better and more competitive racing.

Senior A

10 lap Scratch – Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) Tony Gibb (Gull Gas Racing) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Mitchell Powell (Team Terminator)

15 Lap Points – Tony Gibb (Gull Gas Racing) Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Mike Broadwith (ArticTacx RT)

Devil – Tony Gibb (Gull Gas Racing) Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Mark Smith (Pro Cycle Hire UK RT)

10 Mile Scratch – Jason Burrill (Peterborough) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT) Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) Mark Smith (Pro Cycle Hire UK RT)

Senior B

10 lap scratch – Ryan Green (Lee Valley) Ben Selfe (Lee Valley) Chris Burns (Welwyn Wheelers) Tony Marriott (Hertfordshire Wheelers)

12 Lap Points – Andy Digby (Welwyn Wheelers)Chris Burns (Welwyn Wheelers) Matthew Shepherd (Lee valley) Ryan Green (Lee Valley)

Devil – Toby Miles (Welwyn Wheelers) Tom Durkin (Welwyn Wheelers) Tom Zittel (Willesden CC) Laurence Lisher (Green Arrow CRT)

Youth AB

7 Lap Scratch – Alexi Edwards (Palmer Park) Louis Bilyard (Lee Valley) Sam Asker (Welwyn Wheelers)

7 Lap Points – Louis Bilyard (Lee Valley) Kat Anderson (Welwyn Wheelers) Alexi Edwards (Palmer Park)

8 Lap Block Pursuit – Christian Manzi (Lee Valley) Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn Wheelers) Reece Pollen (Welwyn Wheelers)

7 Lap Handicap – Alexi Edwards (Palmer Park) Louis Bilyard (Lee Valley) Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn Wheelers) Dexter Mansel-Thomas

Youth CDE

3 lap Scratch – Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers)

4 Lap Points – Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers)

3 Lap Block Pursuit – Tom Sharples (Welwyn Wheelers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Rudy Knight (Lee Valley) Jack Emerson (Colchester Rovers) Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers)  Ben Griffin (Welwyn Wheelers)

4 Lap Handicap – Michael Sumner (Welwyn Wheelers) Jodie Taylor (Colchester Rovers) Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers) Ben Griffin (Welwyn Wheelers)